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Comment Re:Peeking under the hood (Score 1) 380

I realize it's pointless to reply to this as I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but eventually any true random generator would come up with a string of nines, so I still think it's pretty funny. The more nines he comes up with, the more likely you are to be right that he's not generating truly random numbers, but the closest you could ever get would be to say: "It's extremely unlikely that these numbers are truly random." and then someone would say: "So it's possible?" and you would have to say: "Yes, it's possible."

(And a true random number generator will have exactly the same chances of coming up with 99999999999999 as 65345608315823, the last one just looks a lot more random to us.)

Comment Re:Evidence (Score 1) 134

True, but I wouldn't do that. If I start to watch a movie, I will finish watching it, no matter how bored I am, because for me the ending and the final impressions left by movie can change it into something that was definitely worth watching, even if it was two hours of boredom at the time.

So what does this mean? It probably just means that in a perfect world, there would be different ratings for "hated it, so I turned it off" and "finished watching it, hated it". Imagine an extreme example where a movie was rated like this:

95% of the viewers: Hated it, turned it off
5% of the viewers: Hated it, but finished watching it, eventually loved it

Assuming I also fall into one of those two categories, it obviously wouldn't be the first one, as I would always finish watching even a terrible movie. That means that I would end up in the group of people who eventually love the movie and would be really glad I sat through it.

However, these are probably the only ratings I can see:

95% of the viewers: Hated it
5% of the viewers: Loved it

So I probably wouldn't bother with that movie, because I would think I would be unlikely to love it when 95% hate it.

Alright, this is an extreme and contrived example, but my point is that you should be able to decide whether you want to see only reviews from people who finish watching the movie or everyone who's sat down to see it, even if they only watched the first 15 minutes. The first option would be for me, the last option would be for someone who still thinks an hour and a half is wasted if you're bored to death, even if it's the kind of ending you can't stop thinking about for the next two weeks.

Comment Re:Evidence (Score 2, Interesting) 134

I've rated about 3600 titles... but honestly, you don't have to watch an entire movie all the way through to give it a one star "I Hated it" or two star "I didn't like it".

It feels like I have seen hundreds of movies where a brilliant ending changed my impression of the movie from "huge waste of time" to "OMG, that was very clever, I'm going to be thinking about that for a long time!".

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 152

Here's the thing, when you have kids, you end up friending a ton of people you know marginally.

I have a six year old son myself and my friends on facebook are still, well, my friends. I believe that's why they call it "friends", not "people you kinda met once, but don't really know". I can honestly say that I don't have a single friend on facebook that I wouldn't trust with a key to my apartment, so I certainly don't mind any of them knowing if I'm going on vacation. Then again, I only have like 10 friends on facebook, including my closest family (mother, father and sister).

Comment Re:Landfill... (Score 1) 153

To me Interesting is: "I hadn't thought of that, good point." and Insightful is: "Yeah, you nailed it, my thoughts exactly."

So I would personally mod this Insightful, not Interesting, but I guess we all have our own definitions for the moderation options. :)

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