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Comment It is an implant software (Score 1) 102

Skygofree is a reminder that so-called implant software sold to governments and police forces, sometimes in countries with poor human rights records, remains a threat to people using a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

It looks like it is a product sold to security agencies and police forces around the world. They might force the installation of this software by the sellers in their countries, or install it once they arrest the dissident. It is a spyware alright, but it might not be a garden variety virus that infects you unbeknownst to you.

Comment Re:Too ugly (Score 1) 298

It is really ugly. Both 747 and A380 have the same length, but the A380 has extended the nose bulge all the way to the tail. It looks stubby and fat like a beached whale.

747, on the other hand slims down has a graceful line, an interesting and distinct profile. I am not fond of the lines of Lockheed Superconstellation, that is a little to fish-like. Business jets are beautiful and have very nice livery, then at the above 100 seat category, 747 is probably the best looking.

Comment It will be money down the drain. (Score 5, Interesting) 172

It will be money flushed down the toilet, not because electric cars are inferior, but because the sales infrastructure of the automakers is fundamentally flawed.

Ford has very strong binding contracts with dealers. The dealer franchise agreements were set in the era before the consolidation in the auto makers. It is very heavily in favor of the dealers. The traditional car makers have much lower bargaining power against the dealers.

The dealers who sell both IC engines and Electric motor cars, have vested interest in killing the electric cars. We know theoretically electric cars have lower maintenance. But they know actual data, brandwise and model wise, which cars and features produce repair shop revenue and which dont.

Unless Ford forms a distinct subsidiary, unencumbered by the dealership agreements, a separate division like Saturn or something and embrace the direct sales model like Tesla they are doomed.

It is high time all the car makers form distinct divisions without any agreements with NADA. As long as they sell cars through NADA members, the short term short sighted actions by the dealers will doom the car makers.

Comment Re:This is tit-for-tat run amok. (Score 1) 261

Where he was right he was way above the heads and shoulders of all his peer scientists, that is why he is respected so much today. But we do not venerate Darwin as the ulitmate word today. Science has progressed a lot, and a freshman biology student today would learn more today than Darwin every knew.

Darwin did not offer any theory for the eye or altruism, his ideas about ocean floor subsidence to explain cliffs encrusted with corals and shells was wrong. His ideas about the origins of lactation and mammalia was wrong.

Let me be clear, lest I am thought to be some creationist trolling about Darwin:

Creationists are still writing rebuttals to his 19th century book under the mistaken assumption that "if his first book is rebutted away, then all subsequent theory will fall apart and people will stop believing in him". That is not how science works. All the holes in his 19th century text have been found by people far more competent than you and I, and orders of magnitude more capable than these creationists and been strengthened.

The reason for Darwin's fame is, we know what is correct what explain biology, and trace back and find who said it first. It was Darwin, so we respect Darwin.

Comment Re:Remember Slashdot beta? (Score 1) 113

You need to understand the basic definitions.

Snapchat is the vendor. The advertisers are the ones who pay it. They are the customers. The people who use snapchat to exchange photos and message are called the product. The company will fall at the feet of the customers, and do what they demand.

They will make it annoying and difficult to use. If you are not paying for it, you are NOT the customer.

Comment Re:This is tit-for-tat run amok. (Score 1) 261

Environment is the same for tom dick or harry. If Tom can kill Dick or Harry and steal it is still an advantage. Why does he not?

It is difficult to understand even the question. Answering it and understanding the answer needs lots of thinking. I don't have the skill to articulate it. If you are inclined read the chapter titled, Nice men finish first in the book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkings

Comment Basically a default password (Score 1) 87

Millions of devices ship with default passwords. It is an issue only if it is not possible to change it, and the need to change is not clearly explained when it was shipped. Ideally it should not be the same password for all devices but something unique to each chip, given to the manufacturer as part of shipped chips.

Comment Re:Yeah, right (Score 1) 232

I haven't seen any self guiding car system that I would trust to act, with no ability to override. Build one that can handle New York or LA rush hour and I may change my mind.

You could be sanest guy on the planet. Your reasoning could be correct. But, the market does not care whether you trust it or not. It does not care whether you change your mind or not.

If enough people trust it, and if enough people buy it the market will satisfy the need.

Comment This is tit-for-tat run amok. (Score 4, Interesting) 261

One of the most difficult challenge for the Theory of Evolution is the emergence of altruism. (Eye? easily explained, if find someone claiming evolution can no explain eye or flagellum motor you just found a creationist).

How can evolution, that pits individuals of the species one against another foster anything other than selfishness? The seminal breakthrough came in 1970s and 1980s when it became possible to simulate in a computer model interactions. The well known iterated prisoner's dilemma problem, the tournament of strategies found nice strategies at the correct level of pay off, can create conditions that foster altruism. The most famous and most successful strategy was tit-for-tat (Dont be the first one to be nasty, always be nasty to nasty people and always be nice to nice people, don't be jealous when falling behind in point count, forgive historical slights instantly)

But tit-for-tat is not a evolutionarily stable strategy. Once it takes hold and drives out all the nasty people, it is no different from "always be nice" strategy. Without punishment and reprisals, mutant nasty players gain an advantage. That is what is happening here, in the West people are so used to being nice to one another, they are nice to even machines.

Comment Re:Funny, when they choose to drop the tests. (Score 1) 180

You don't really think that they are dropping test requirements because hwites can't cut it?

Yes, that is what I am saying.

As long as test scores were beneficial to the Whites, they kept it.

Now Asian-Americans are beating them under those rules, they are changing the rules.

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