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Feed Wired: Television Will Soon Watch You (for Instructions) (

You will soon be able to wave your hands in the air to change the channel, now that French 3-D gesture-capture firm Softkinetic-Optrima inked a deal with chipmaker Intel. Eventually, camera-equipped set-top boxes will let us participate by way of an avatar in exercise shows and 3-D movies.

Feed Wired: MWC 2010: The Year of The Android (

BARCELONA — This year at the Mobile World Congress is the year of Android. Google’s operating system is everywhere: on handsets from HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and even Garmin-Asus. If this were the world of computers, Android would be in a similar position to Windows: Pretty much every manufacturer puts it on its machines.

Feed Wired: Google Tweaks Buzz After Overblown Privacy Backlash (

Google admits to a rare gaff in its rollout of Buzz last week. Users object to privacy issues with the Gmail add-on for outing who they often communicate with. The outcry is a lesson for Google that it shouldn’t limit pre-release testing to its unrepresentative army of coders.

Feed Wired: John Constantine Goes to Iraq in 'Pandemonium' (

Hellblazer's demon-battling magician faces down fantastical foes in a hellish setting that's uncomfortably realistic: war-torn Baghdad. Veteran comic book writer Jamie Delano talks about pillaging a war zone and the peculiar liberation offered by fictional horrors.

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