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Comment Re:Discourage? (Score 1) 241

Ideas cant be owned in a real sense, only in law.

Making legal ownership transparent would make people more accountable to the law, but whos law... is it fair to judge people based on the law in foreign countries ?

The Internet doesn't understand borders, it never will, trying to make the Internet conform to borders is an automatic fail.

Comment Context (Score 1) 361

The context that surrounds some potentially informative information might not be worthy of leaking by itself, but it provides background information to frame other comments.

e.g. perhaps Lawrence Lessig's alleged 'smugness' says more about the people pointing the finger than it does about Lessig.

Comment Authoritarian Governments (Score 1) 215

"they had argued that the US concession would open the door for authoritarian governments get control of the network of networks"

Someone needs to explain to the US that they already have an authoritarian government.

Entrenched class system with little social mobility, pervasive surveillance of the entire country, secret prisons, gerrymandered political system...

When the US orders other nations SWAT teams to raid the homes of people who have never been to the US and have them extradited because of alleged theft of imaginary property, then yea, thats pretty authoritarian.

Comment Communities have to exclude some people (Score 1) 238

The reason the GPL (or any other licence) is enforced, is specifically to try and exclude people.
Every community has rules and responsibilities it places on its members, if there are people or groups that actively work against the interests of the community, then they should be excluded.
The well defined expectations set out by the FSF (4 freedoms) are what define the community, and what separates it from BSD crowd, whos community has not grown to the same extent.
There is an community around the GPL specifically because it is enforced.
If the GPL (or any other licence) isnt enforced it becomes in practice a permissive licence, much like the BSD, no values, no community.

Comment Re:Why are there only six? (Score 1) 229

They're supposedly concerned that government agents have actually infiltrated Tor -- and yet they only have six demands that are related to that.

And yet there's ten demands about the Appelbaum investigation.

Perhaps the number of concerns about each issue dont reflect the severity of their concern for each issue.

We would have to read the actual words to work it out i guess ... i like numbers too.

Comment Re:Does civilization depend upoon civilized behavi (Score 1) 82

How about we just make sure the benefits of technology spread to all the people, equally.
The way i see it at the moment, technology concentrates power through its tendency to create global monopolies, its not the way capitalist societies are supposed to work.
Intellectual Property rights need to be reformed, thats the only way i think we can control the speed of technological evolution.

Comment Re:Really lousy article (Score 1) 410

Not all problems have good solutions, but he is no longer part of the project, the board is being replaced, so those allegedly harassed have got their way.

You say they are all regularly harassed by law enforcement, and that route is not really an option, so now Appelbaum faces harassment from law enforcement and vigilante's, what hope would he have of defending himself if he was innocent.

You cant claim the high ground if you take the law into your own hands.

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