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Submission + - And here we go again (

DougDot writes: And the sound of a million Hillary Fanbois were heard do scream, "But this just isn't fair!"
The questions being asked now are: was this something new discovered in the latest Wikileaks release, or did they finally find something *really* bad in in some of those 33,000 Hillary-deleted emails?

Comment Not yet ready for prime time (Score 1) 54

The Mate version, anyhow. A couple of weeks ago Linux Mint 18 thoroughly borked my Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake desktop. It went through the install with no issues. I rebooted, did all the updates, rebooted and voila: Black Screen Of Death, X was totally hosed.

I diddled with it for about a day and could not make it work trying just about everything, so I rolled back to Mint Mate 17.3.

Comment Credit where credit due (Score 3, Insightful) 644

Our country's two-party system gave us the following two choices to be the next President of the United States: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.
Does anybody else see a problem here?

But credit where credit due: the 350 or so million dumbed-down 'Murikuns will get one of them come November 8. And they will have earned the right.

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