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Comment Re:Bias bias bias (Score 1) 384

Discrimination exists and does influence outcomes of certain activities. AI will detect that some groups for whatever reason have lower chance of paying back the loan. If that however is caused in part by existing discrimination it does not really help that AI will not get to know factor X (skin colour, religion etc). It is also not meant to do so I would imagine and it is counter-productive to make it do so. If monitoring systems detect such a bias maybe we should be acting on factors that cause discrimination? Or maybe these factors are natural in a sense - they have been chosen by affected group? Say women prefer to stay at home with kids (this is not to say no men would want to do that or that all women do). The effect is that they earn less on average. Is this discrimination or not? There is already a hierarchy of values discussion needed to make a proper decision here and no AI is gonna help us in that. So in a sense you are right. Some biases are accurate. Some are not and this all is not really helping the machine to make a proper decision because we do not even know what proper decision means.
I guess what it all means we 'need' AI to replace us all. Only then we will ensure that there is no discrimination by humans and against humans.
There is also another interesting thing that I wonder about. Assuming AI works perfectly and contrary to what I discussed above there is no discrimination in the world.At some point all will have the position in a society that they deserve. A new kid is born in a poor family of underachievers. It is 8th. Maybe it is born into its proper environment but maybe it is a genius - if the kid is in fact a genius (something that happens sporadically but it does happen) its chances of achieving anything matching his ability are like standing in front of a flat high wall one has to climb with no tools. No tools because why give the kid any if its chances are so small? It is a waste?
I find it funny how we humans want to replace our sweat and misery trough the tools we make and in a process we cause another different wave of misery. I wonder if indeed AI will cause the world collapse as some say. In any case revolutions were started by individuals that either had roots in higher parts of society or were at least supported into success by such parties. Now imagine what happens if AI eventually gets to control not only our security and military systems but government too - I mean most of members of governments in the West today do not even have own ideas - they have experts delivering them these. Raplcing experts trough AI is a good idea. It removes BIAS as we know. The questions such AIs have to answer are a bit more complex than - how to close on target that modern Air-to-Air missiles have to make. In fact so complex that I cannot imagine AI making a better judgment than humans can. I wonder only if we are smart enough to accept them and make them to support us. Judging on the way world is today I doubt. We will just have ore efficient ways of controlling humans. Now where would that get us if done really well???
I am really excited about these developments but the reasons for bias AI cannot remove. I just do not think so. Unless as said there will be no humans to be discriminated against. Being excited is ok I guess. I somehow do not feel however that this world will be a good one for my kids. Can AI fix it?

Comment free market (Score 1) 113

is not what it used to be or why otherwise USicans are bent on forbidding a communal arrangement? I guess for the same reason TTIP wanted to ban buying back privatized waterworks etc in Europe. I guess the word 'community' having common root with word 'communism' causes blood of USican to boil in matter of seconds. Strange. I wonder why is this even possible? As long as people are ready to pay for it with fees and if that is not enough with subsidies this is their decision to make. Or is somehow democracy being lesser good compared to free market? This is a q. that should actually be asked in legislatures where such things are illegal even before a q. whether in this area a free market at all exists.

Comment Re:The traveller (Score 1) 116

I dig both vi and emacs (you are aware of emacs - xemacs anomaly?). The times where I was writting lisp macros are over however. These days I use vi to fix small little things here, emacs to write shell macros and there and MS Office to communicate the findings to the morons that hold the strings. What a decay. I must be getting old...

Comment Re:This comment section: petty envious Americans (Score 4, Interesting) 76

Actually I suffered under commies although that was nothing like a prison for my pa for having wrong nationality - I just got bad notes for some subjects at school and could not make any hobby rockets 'because' commies...
Whether the US reactions to communism were not as bad - I am not sure. They surely supported some nasty killers because of democracy of course. I must say however that I have this warm feeling last couple of years because I feel like back in my youth - the media are as skewed and biased as they were there. Not much changed one may say. Not sure if that is good. Some of these changes are what I percieve as Russia bashing - there is a lot that can be used but bashers are usually very lazy. I digress however - Russians built few amazing things and did it albeit they should not have been able too judging on their backwardness. I acknowledge that not because I like them but because these were great feats in history of mankind. Werner von B.'s achievements and eventual landing on the moon (a big step for mankind etc) were based on his works with the nazis. Does this make his achievement less remarkable?

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 656

I find and odd sign that so called open society is not really open at all. As a white old man I get very odd looks from younger gals when I join group sport activities where they are also present. This to the point that I seriously consider not going there anymore. Yet in the same society young gals apparently consider seriously whether pressing charges against sexual abuse is not causing harm to general group to which abuser belongs if this group is in public discourse considered victims (in Germany these are so called 'Syrian refugees'). The same here if you were indulging in power games (I understand that is what this whole thing is about) where woman can be a passive subject of somebody's passion. All other combinations are allowed or even promoted. I never believed communist propaganda about immoral and perverse western culture. This one act would not me believe it either but the problem is that this is not one act and amount of hysteria that we are being flooded with is shocking. I never felt a need to shut my mouth when I lived under communists. I was punished for that but my teachers and school's head teacher convinced the teacher responsible for political history (or some other shit like that) that I should get a good note in spite of my views. The same would be impossible today. We in Europe at least face pressure from forces of darkness from societies deep in medieval ways. At the same time the top of political and media elite is using all methods to eradicate any political disagreement. How nice of them

Comment Re:If the U.S. adopts a "dig once" policy... (Score 1) 174

Actually if people stopped killing people there would be more people. They would start killing each other at some point even if no guns were provided (see Rwanda).

This in itself may be a good think but think about consequences - they are as with eradicating most of child killing disease - more people. Unless of course you introduce a state efficient enough to punish them all trough taxes and education (see Germany or Sweden).

Comment Re:Let's do it... (Score 1) 211

While I think fighting a few ugly leisons on the arse of the world is good.
I think even better is investing in condom production as the main reason we have a problem is that there are 7.5b people demanding steaks, fries and circus as well as air-conditioning and transport for their excessive fat. Garbage disposal of these 7.5b apes is a problem too and it seems the only way to resolve the issue is reducing on numbers.

Comment Re:No real information (Score 1) 211

So we have so far:
  1. every finished project started with some idea, that idea may have changed and be augmented between inception and final production facility
  2. most ideas are dumb

Somehow I do not see contradiction here. You call each other dumbuasses - each such statement may be true. Gosh when I look in the past I am ashamed of my own dumbassism. Everybody has a moment of glory.
Thus I conclude that this discussion is of little informational values so far.

Comment Re:As the old adage says (Score 1) 66

It actually does not work very well on windoze. I stopped complaining about windoze ever since I got win7. It has its quirks but it kind of works and does not bother me all too much. But skype of all ms products I have a chance to use is worst. I have also used many different chat SW and this is also the worst I have ever met except maybe FB.

Comment Re:Yeah, no thanks. (Score 2) 85

It may also be that people like you are the ones to be avoided. You know, the ones that destroy others because they can while claiming moral superiority. We have quite lot of them these days. In modern times they have indeed an easy life because nobody is perfect and all mistakes are there in the open for others to pick up (or in need to make up). There is no way one can protect oneself against a statement taken out of context and used properly to show how bad one is. In my corporation we always had one or two per location kept for glorious tasks of getting rid of people on the cheap. This is exactly the reason why the actual complete loss of privacy is such a bad thing.

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