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Comment Re:I smell a fish (Score 1) 648

Quite frankly 2017 was a year in which I stopped believing in most of what I see taking only as a clue something happened. Some person (or bot) claims some account on twitter or a real person is a nazi - ok this may or not be true - the only information I got from that that I can evaluate is, that there is a person that feels something about some people and this feeling is strong enough to call some people nazis. Come to think of it, man made global warming can be fake news too. I am not saying it is but there are signs that everybody is lying and the few persons that legitimately and honestly try to warn about some real danger (this being nazi or global ecology disaster) cannot be identified in the noise. If so then we can just as well let the bots discuss things. The time of reason is over.

Comment Re:Walls work in israel (Score 1) 418

In case of Israel the question is not whether your state behaves like an arse but what would have happened if you tried to live by your principles of open society with each citizen respecting others etc.? How do you think it would take to end up in a shithole the other states around are? I say this even if I disagree with building of the wall and settlements on territories not belonging to Israel. It does not help that you or even the whole of Israel unilaterally declare peace and love - they will come and do things to you. This is said state of affairs there. Not sure why that is so. It may have something to do with faith and the fact that some Arabs have too much money for nothing in form of oil (I wonder however what happens when overcrowded Saudi Arabia etc cannot sustain its growing population with oil profits anymore - is another but related issue).

Comment no reliable methods? (Score 1) 132

I mean the pollution is something that we know exists. In cases these doctors discuss the pollution is in fact so bad that one can see its undesirable effects on oneself which for any reasonable individual would mean to move away at least for pregnancy or avoid pregnancy in the first place. I agree avoiding pollution may not be within the reach of people but condoms should be. We try hard to get pollution in already relatively clean western cities down whereas the actual problem is overpopulation elsewhere.

Comment Re:Damore isn't the one who should rethink things (Score 3, Insightful) 682

Maybe not all feminists of today are nazis but many vocal ones are. I have not heard one voice from feminist camp that would at least try to get some reason and facts. At this stage it is impossible to even agree on some basics anymore. I hope we get trough this without much use of stakes and other 'final solution' methods used successfully to end 'arguments' of the past.

Comment Re:So this clown now is a minority? (Score 1) 682

I suppose burning the guy at the stake may do either of two things: stop the idiocy because people get scared of what has happened and forced to think it over again or accelerate the said idiocy because of the great success his burning would be. There seems to be a constant pattern in workings of human societies - mass hysteria. We fall for it over and over again.

Comment Humans in charge (Score 2) 77

what does that at all mean? If I select a target by seeing it and tell robot to do the job now by pressing fire button which consequently release the high energy projectile to penetrate the meatball I am clearly in charge or? What about the photo and other data that led to target selection being produced by data mining AI? Is a human still in charge? What if we automate that one human out of picture and put another one in front of data mining machine authorizing the selection of meatbags to be eliminated. What about a process in which selection and fire button action are divided in time by hours from the actual penetration of a meatbag trough projectile because the robot had to be given order before entering the zone without coms? At the end it does not matter, does it.

Comment Re:What kind of disgusting name is that? (Score 1) 111

In-N-Out is a reference to an activity keeping our species going. It requires frequent in and out action for a short while. You just need to watch yourself and get a written agreement of all participants for a case 30y later when you may occupy a position of power to exonerate yourself. But that is another story.

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