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Comment Re:Scale of the attacks. (Score 1) 267

"On Intel CPUs memory protection has stopped working as it should."

Working as it should, or as we wanted it to? It's actually still working as it SHOULD, but not as the documentation describes.

I see no really good reason for software to rely upon hardware level memory protection for security. Correct software to me, does not rely on hardware level memory management, which changes from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Comment Re:747 not the Only One (Score 1) 156

Yeah, plus the fact that aircraft are more reliable now so you know in advance when they will need maintenance, You don't need a big base with both maintenance and passenger facilities. You can fly your aircraft to a remote repair shop, and get them back at a known time. Having onboard service life monitoring helps with that a lot.

And a lot less stuff is done in house. Small organisations can handle logistics, food, fuel. Having more contractors would have been difficult in the past, more to manage but offloading that task to software means you can have a more complex business at less cost.

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