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Comment No-one wants nicer (Score 1) 200

People say they want nicer, but look around - people come to the internet to argue. That is what the really want, and what real Reddit (and Slashdot and every other popular forum) delivers. You can't get rid of all dissent without creating an incredibly boring space.

Some may call that a "Safe Space" but there's nothing self about making yourself weaker by being unable to argue effectively for a cause you believe in.

Comment Not at all true (Score 2) 201

The only coders using JSON now are java coders.

What about every web or server developer on Earth? Are you not aware that the entire industry has moved to JSON for client to server transmission? ALL of the server people I have worked with in the last decade now have preferred JSON for REST web service calls too. That includes Ruby servers, PHP servers, not just Java stuff. In fact REST was pretty much using JSON from day one except for a few crazy attempts to use XML instead.

The entire iOS development community uses JSON rather heavily also (mostly because of REST calls but also for other purposes)...

Comment Harder to malform the JSON (Score 2, Interesting) 201

People making mistakes implementing a spec is not in itself a good reason to drop it.

It is when the mistakes are frequent enough, obviously implementing RSS feeds is rather hard and most sites are really poor at it.

Adding to that is the simple fact that very few server languages have really easy or good XML generation at this point, compared to JSON library support. There are lots more good JSON libraries around and people are more comfortable with them and used to how they work.

There will be malformed JSON, that's to be sure.

Why, when most JSON will be produced by a library that simply maps something out to JSON? Also it's super easy to check JSON validity. If you ask 100 developers today to produce a defined output in JSON and XML, which do you think will have a much higher percentage chance of being correct?

Do you escape slashes? Are true and false quoted? How long can a number be? Do the numbers use decimal dot or decimal comma â" or does it depend on the locale?

Why do you think any of that matters? If the JSON is valid it is valid. Everyone on earth and most libraries are used to accommodating JSON that may have true or false either as boolean values or as strings for example. It simply doesn't matter.

I agree, that JSON is easier to read than XML, but not easier enough

It's WAY easier to generate in a world of developers that uses mostly JSON now and hardly touches XML. That alone is a HUGE reason to switch. Why saddle every website on earth with legacy crap? It's probably a big part of the reason RSS is not as common anymore, and the real crime would be if most sites had nothing like RSS at all...

Comment There Is Another (Score 1) 153

That only works if there are viable alternatives

Cellular networks have become viable alternatives for most people, especially if talking about video. My mother ditched Century Link to use a wireless T-Mobile hotspot, which has about 20x the speed of her former DSL line, and is on par with Comcast in her area. She has a lower bandwidth cap but even with very frequent Netflix usage it's plenty.

If you want to really break up the monopolies, well that's getting rid of a whole other layer of government in the way of real progress. Wont happen anytime soon the way people scream trying to get rid of something like Network Neutrality that is actively harmful to consumers.

Comment Why would they? They will not. (Score 0, Troll) 153

If Net Neutrality is struck down. Then Comcast can slow down sites to an unreasonable amount.

Hi. Reality here. If Comcast could do that they would have, they are ALREADY FREE to do so even under current rules.

Net Neutrality declares that all internet traffic is give the same priority

But this is stupid because it also blocks the highly desirable goal of giving traffic priority to Netflix, which many would pay extra for. What is wrong with letting most people do something that is beneficial for them and they would like? Preventing that is how we got the war on drugs.

ISP's are supposed to provide access to the internet, not their selected version of the internet

Why? Why does it have to be that way? What if that's what a lot of people want and are willing to pay for?

If people did not want that they would not pay for it and it would die off.

Comment Exactly, showing why we do not need NN (Score 3, Insightful) 153

As you say, the real point of outrage would be if no Comcast customers would be able to access the site. But they have not done that, they have issued a legal request which they would have issued with ANY amount of network neutrality rules in place.

So then what does it matter if those rues are gone? This is exactly the problem with NN proponents; they have NO REAL IDEA what the rules are they are calling to stay in effect, and imagining they have all kinds of benefits that do not actually exist.

Comment Programing is fun; anything can become not fun (Score 1) 355

Personally, i think programming is fun - I thought so when I learned it, otherwise why would I have even pursued it to begin with? Especially as a kid when there are lots of things that are fun.

To say programming can also not be fun, is to illustrate a fundamental truth of life - anything can be not fun if you do enough of it, at a high enough level. Most kids love playing sports but there are a lot of things about professional sports that are not fun. Photography makes a great hobby but can be a grueling and nerve-wracking affair if you do much professional work.

Most coding is not actually THAT ethically complex. Yes there are examples that are, but "NotAllCoding" is. Even for the areas that are grey you cannot place the entirely of responsibility at the foot of the programmer, who is operating at such a low level it may not even be possible to decide if they exact work THEY are doing has ethical issues - that is truly for the people planning the whole to determine, and to be responsible for.

Comment All Paint Makers (Score 1) 671

Which profit-seeking party benefited from the discovery that lead in paint and gasoline probably wasn't a good idea?

Every paint maker since all of the are potentially liable for deaths caused.

All companies constantly seek to make products safer - some of them really do just want to avoid harming others (which only makes sense as companies are run my real people) but you can rationalize the same result as simple self-interest if you are jaded enough.

Comment Counterpoint (Score 3, Insightful) 671

Is it in a tobacco company's interest to pay for all of the facts of the research that merely correlates cancer with smoking

No - but it is in an *insurance companies* interest to know that. There is always some party who gains benefit from knowing the truth.

What's wrong with cases favouring *robustly funded* science?

As always, the certainly of graft, corruption, and the pushing to the side of REAL science in the rush to prove some assertion is true regardless of facts.

Comment Oh really, like what (Score 2, Insightful) 671

Some socially valuable things aren't profitable

Name one. All things are potentially profitable. There is a thriving private space industry now when it was claimed only governments could really explore space...

Also another side question, what does "socially valuable" have to do with science anyway? I think there is the root of your problem, and the problem of the current scientific community. Science is about building tools and fostering an understanding of an issue, without judgment or preconception. In that regard modern "science" is often anything but.

Comment You have to look in the right places (Score 1, Troll) 71

When it comes to those things, the USA is also way behind the rest of the civilised world.

You can find examples where that is true - as you mentioned Detroit, and places like Chicago or New York.

But not every place in the U.S. is run solely by Democrats. Across most of the rest of the country, the people are better balanced, the corruption FAR less than pretty much any place in Europe (not sure what else you might mean by First World that would be any better).

Many schools are run down in the USA, and need armed guards to try and make them safe

Again, not many, just some in the inner cities that are - again - run my Democrats. Other places in the U.S. manage to integrate children of different races without issue.

The USA, when compared to the rest of the 1st world does not fare that well at all.

Only if you do not separate out where the times occur, and to who... something forbidden in todays PC climate. But you can find that data if you REALLY want to know the truth. I have a feeling it is not the truth you seek however.

Comment I agree, especially those two (Score 1) 581

Knowing a language does not only mean that you are able to write a syntactically correct program which compiles and does what it is supposed to do. It means that you have intimate knowledge of all the libraries and toolsets

I came to post just this. Yes you can technically learn a language in a month. But to learn the extent and nuances of the entire set of frameworks around a language takes longer, for ANY language - all languages now are really a lot more about framework support than core language features.

C++ in particular though is so expansive, I would question if someone who had just spent a month learning it (even if they were an expert programmer fluent in other languages) would really be able to produce good code.

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