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Comment AIM wasn't ever THAT big of a deal (Score 1) 395

Methinks Gizmodo read too much into this AIM phenomenon than it really was... IRC was around, people didn't use it as it required a lot of manual setup with many clients. However, there was also ICQ, which started BEFORE AIM and was pretty popular also. Within 2 years of launching, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger was in the fray. So I don't know what microcosm this dude came from, but while AIM was popular, it only had a very short-lived dominance in my mind and I never noticed a culture around it (I noticed one around the ICQ world more than AIM).

That being said I still have my AIM handle - it is used in my GTalk pane in GMail. I talk to one person with it, sometimes, thinking of just ditching it and staying with GTalk.

Comment Spending accounts? (Score 1) 232

We gave out kids debit cards that have just a certain amount on them. They are very much like debit-based gift cards, except these have their name on them and act like a bank debit card. We can put as little or as much as they want on those cards. There are no overdrafts on these cards, however. If they reach 0 or a transaction would go negative, the transaction is declined and nothing pulls from our main account. They use those on iTunes.

Of course, some kids are too young for that perhaps... so do something similar with a parent-controlled account? Keep only $10 or $20 on it max for such purchases, so if the child gets too nuts, it just declines the purchase.

Of course, asking for a password each time in iTunes, I guess works also :-P

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