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Comment Re:When I see stuff like this ... (Score 1) 47

Have you ever been to India? Or is this just anti asian vitriol that you are spewing because of the pent up rage about the many things in your life that seem out of your control?

India and China are only trying to get back to the eminence that they held centuries ago - before western countries went about destroying their economies so that they could make their own countries wealthier. Read up on history a bit. Start with the East India Company.

Comment Re:Something similar (Score 1) 239

Yes, it ought to be SecurID by RSA. Mine displays a 6 digit number that changes every 30 odd seconds. You use your PIN and the running token number to login to the corporate VPN. They expire every three or four years. The previous token I had was black and the size of the car remote that you mention. The newer one is the size of a usual USB key.

Comment Re:Wow... what a worthless article (Score 1) 194

The article mentions that some of the spectrum will be taken from broadcasters. So that would realistically mean spectrum somewhere between 400 and 800 Mhz (UHF). Even 200 Mhz is very useful spectrum in that band.

Freeing up of spectrum should be the easier part. What the US needs to worry about is under what terms that spectrum will be licensed. If operators can buy spectrum and sit on it, thats bad. I hope that the US takes a consumer centric approach here, and not one that restricts competition.

Comment Re:Amazing findings (Score 1) 179

This IS relevant. Indian election officials and even the Supreme Court of India seem to earnestly believe that the machines are unhackable. The winning parties always claim EVMs are completely tamper proof. Ofcourse, losing parties claim that tampering exists. So unless solid proof was provided, the parties that lost elections were not going to find people willing to listen to what seem like conspiracy theories.

EVMs in India often lie in sealed storage for a couple of weeks on average after voting before results are declared. The scope for tampering in that period is enormous.

This is just the kind of proof needed to make Election Commission officials and the judicial system understand that tampering is possible so that they can atleast take preventive measures if not eliminate electronic voting completely.

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