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Comment Re:But... (Score 2) 796

Unfortunately it is also written in the Indian constitution that a specific override of freedom of speech and expression is that you may not hurt religious sentiments with this freedom (Article 19). This article is enforcable. A fundamental duty is not.

The law was written over 60 years ago when religious bickering and tensions were high, post-independance. They will hopefully be overridden with common law judements overtime (with what the definition of "hurting religious sentiments" is), but as it stands now a case of "hurting sentiments" is legally valid. I'm not sure what happened offline in the particular case, and will be looking into it's proceedings with interest.

Comment DB tests are for humans? (Score 1) 1046

Double blind tests remove biases from humans testers/testees who may otherwise respond to non-test signals. Algorithms cannot be biased (unless certain bias is itself part of algorithm/UI).

All that I can see that's required here is a blind test where a sample known sample of voices is passed to the algorithm, and the software results tallied against actual known facts. If the error rate s low enough, the confidence in the matching can be high enough.

Comment Re:Hashes (Score 4, Interesting) 385

If this is the 9-dot pattern they are talking about, even a hash would be easy to brute force,. the worst case being 9!, but the average case being 4-6! as these are the sizes commonly chosen for phones.

However, the limitation could be the delay/lock after some unsuccessful tries. If they need to see that phone's memory, they need to maybe use a 0-day exploit that google knows of, but has not yet been fixed for that phone?

Comment Re:No it wasn't (Score 1) 933

That is why real heroes, like the people of Urk (fairly strict christians who had no real love or hate for jews but disliked people telling them what to do with a passion) are so fucking rare.

This piqued my interest, and I googled Urk/World war/nazi vs urk and came up empty. Can you point me to someplace that talks about the people of Urk, and their role in the world war?

Comment One way to give them an incentive? (Score 1) 133

So I have an idea that could possibly work? What if we could give an incentive to the ad networks to honor it?

The gist is Adblock/etc, band up and agree that they will by default only block networks that do not adhere to DNT (this would be the default option on first install, users who want more can change this option to say "everything"). By doing this, adnetworks who do follow DNT will rach a tiny (but growing) surge of users they would not otherwise. Not to mention some good karma.

Comment Re:Possibly the person that developed the film (Score 1) 335

You make an interesting point. I'm guessing the fineprint when you signed up said you handover "non-exclusive, worldwide royalty free" permission to /. to use as they please (or suchlike).

So essentially this is the only copy of you work, and you already have one licensee to it. But you cannot get rid of this work, and you cannot unlicense it.

Comment Re:Do I have this right? (Score 1) 89

And if they choose to ignore it?

All it takes is a couple high profile sites to recognise this header. Something along the lines of "Hey, we see you requested DO-Not-track, and we'll honor this" . Once this feature and it's usage is in the average user's radar, it creates an incentive for the website to garner some karma. And as the web grows focuses more on privacy issues, this would very likely lead to content providers and advertisers honoring the header. I'd be interested in seeing how Mozilla and others promote this.

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