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Comment Re:As usual with new Firefox releases... (Score 4, Insightful) 436

Or about stopping the auto-update. I use yum to install firefox automatically, then about 4 hours later I get message telling me that "Congratulations, you have firefox 3.0.11 installed", which breaks Google Streetview - it just remains black and no options actually appear in the Preferences->Clear Private Data popup. Reinstall Firefox using yum install, Google Streetview works again, and the cycle repeats.

How is this a Firefox-Issue? open a Bug with your distro to set the updates off. And turn off automatic updates in the preferrences.

Comment Re:Because Cisco would never do such a thing (Score 4, Informative) 392

I think this is also because Nokia sold more than net limiting technology. Apparently they also sold devices which pick up the EMR's emitted by cell phones which allowed police to home in on any person who has a phone on their person - especially to those who are making calls/texting/transmitting data. To my knowledge such technology is not in use in China (currently).

This is bog-standard technology implemented in any modern network. It's used by 911-operators to home in on your location if you are unable to speak (or cut off) and used by police to follow suspects (in addition to a GPS-Tracker in the car). There's nothing specialy made for repressive regimes; it's just technology which also may be used to suppress people.

Comment Re:Security? (Score 1) 662

The point isn't that web site owner uses it on his site, the point is that it gets installed into IE and then you can use it on addresses on any site to bring up a map on the highlighted address. Particularly, I suppose on sites where the the address isn't linked for whatever reason (like say you're looking at a text file, instead of an html file).

Nope, doesn't work that way.
The site-owner has to explicitly enable Accelerators on his site through additional markup.

Comment Re:Security? (Score 5, Informative) 662

You don't seem to understand what Accelerators are. They are additional markup which denotes that additional information can be downloaded on demand by the user. An example would be the map-accelerator: if you mark an adress with the additional markup, a user can right-click on the area and open google maps in an iframe. Nothing automatic, nothing wierd or non-standard. There even exist a firefox-addon for that functionality:

Comment Re:Is that so? (Score 3, Informative) 685

Where testers don't get to touch it until it's ready for testing?

The later a bug is found the costlier it is to fix it. And if your projects run late (who are we kidding: WHEN your projects run late) the first two things to be cut down are documentation and testing. Do daily automated testing and you find many errors before they become critical.


Submission + - Firefox Memory Hogging Is Due to Fragmentation (

A beautiful mind writes: It has been long claimed by users that Firefox leaks memory, and on the other hand the developers claimed the number of leaks are minimal. It turns out both groups were right. Stuart Parmenter, one of the authors of the RAMBack extension started investigating and found out that the issue is memory fragmentation. He discovered that while loading about:blank uses 12,589,696 bytes of memory in the test he performed (image), after exercising Firefox with different websites and then clearing the caches with the help of the RAMBack extension the picture is wholly different: "Our heap is now 29,999,872 bytes! 16,118,072 of that is used (up 4,634,208 bytes from before... which caches am I forgetting to clear?). The rest, a whopping 13,881,800 bytes, is in free blocks!"

Submission + - Massive chair migration spotted over Redmond

Anne Honime writes: The European first degree court has backed the European Commission today, reports The register. Microsoft has been fined 497 M for anti-competetive pratice, and this fine will be definitive unless Microsoft form an appeal within 2 months, with a catch : they will be restricted to appeal on legal grounds as factuals one are now considered established. Further reported by elreg, Microsoft has entered a spinning spree. Beware of the chairs !

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