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Comment Re:Strange bedfellows (Score 5, Insightful) 252

Some environmentalists will oppose this because of presumed bird mortality,

Not if they're rational.

and many slash dotters who are definitely not environmentalists will oppose this because it is an energy source they hate.

Hating an energy source isn't rational.

Reality Check. Environmentalist & non-environmentalist don't hate wind turbines in significant numbers.The anti-turbine mob are all nimbys worried about spoiling their views, and old-energy shills and their useful idiots.

Comment Why not adults? (Score 0) 253

All these measures to encourage (or enforce) vaccines in children are great.

But why not adults too? There are more vaccinated adults than children (most vaccinations lose effectiveness after a period of time).

Are your vaccines up-to-date? If not - why not? Do you consider yourself an anti-vaxxer - or are you just lazy?

Comment Re:Not this again... (Score 2) 548

I stand corrected, I just checked a local Bunnings advert for dressed structural pine, they do advertise dressed timber in actual dimensions rather than undressed dimensions. I haven't done any handyman stuff for at least 15yrs and IIRC they were still using the old system back then. I'm now left wondering when the change happened and why?

Comment Re:Not this again... (Score 1) 548

I am Australian, I spent the 1980's working in Gippsland sawmills and Melbourne joineries. If what you say is true it must be a recent development. Also 2m and 2.2m are both non standard lengths, the 2M length would be sold as 1.8M and the 2.2M would be sold as 2.1M. 10mm dressed is 1/2 inch in old money, 1/2inch undressed is 12.5mm in the new money.

Comment Not this again... (Score 4, Interesting) 548

Every few years some ambulance chaser tries this bullshit in the US. All over the world timber is sold using the undressed dimensions, it's been that way since the dead sea caught the sniffles. IMO the court should declare the suit frivolous and force him to refund the money (with interest) to the people who have joined his class action con job.

Comment Re:The law should really be titled: Except... (Score 3, Interesting) 229

results from all the oil that we export, which is our number one source of revenue for our economy

What makes you say that? Your own link puts imports of refined petroleum at $4.83B, with exports at $7.22B, for total net exports of $2.84B.

2% of the economy is serious, but that figure is dwarfed by Packaged Medicaments ($6.22B), Cars ($5.85B), Vehicle Parts ($4.76B) and Telephones ($3.99B) - hardly the number one source of revenue.

Frankly, I'm surprised armaments isn't on the list. (perhaps hidden in vehicle parts?) I always the Swedish Socialist Utopia was pay for by profits from selling guns for poor people to kill each other with.

Comment Re:No kidding... (Score 5, Interesting) 709

I'm no fan of Trump but as to TFA - why is it assumed that people who search for racist memes must be racists? There's a guy here in Australia who boasts about being the most popular political commentator in the country and offers up the number of visitors to his blog as proof. My personal observation is that at least half the people who comment on his site do so to criticize his overt racism. It's well known that a strongly polarised audience/electorate/workforce is the hallmark of a sociopath in a position of power, both sides of the divide are going to be busy searching for jokes/insults that support their views.

There are a number of skeptic sites on FB and elsewhere that regularly post all manner of nonsense for their audience to debunk. It's a moral conundrum for them since posting/sharing the article inevitably funnels advertising dollars to the people who least deserve it based on the number of "hits", which totally ignores the intent of those hits. Giving advertisers the ability to fine tune programmatic advertising is the one place where social media companies could theoretically make a huge difference. However the Facebooks and Googles of this world constantly deflect away from their failings and point towards some kind of half arsed censorship or trust ranking to avoid losing revenue from the type of people that most advertisers wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. .

Having said that there are some recent signs of hope, a well organised campaign to inform advertisers their programmatic ads were appearing on Breitbart has seen a 90% reduction in advertising revenue for Breitbart in the past six months.

Comment Re:More or a process problem than a tool problem (Score 1) 189

I don't think the problem here is necessarily the tools, but might be the process

Bingo, bug tracking is hard, you need a dedicated admin resource who understands the software to manage the open docket list for any non-trivial project. It the same as source control, you don't let everyone check in whatever the hell they want and stay in business. Also a customer facing tool is not a bug tracker, it's a customer complaint tracker.

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