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Comment Re:I'll bet (Score 2) 130

Great story, but this year there is no el-nino, last year there was an el-nino.All 4 known bleaching events have occurred since 1980, 3 since 2000, the last two back to back. Also, Indonesia is several thousand kilometers NW of the GBR, so they are "close" in the same way alaska and florida are "close"

Comment Re:the first hit is always free (Score 2) 82

The problem that I see is that taser have a vested interest as to how taser equipment and cameras are perceived by the courts and the general public. Sure, give the contract for cameras to taser but give the evidence handling and image processing to a competent competitors. One company doing the whole thing from filming to court presentation is just corruption waiting to happen.

Comment Acid rain (Score 5, Informative) 620

If you don't remember acid rain it's because of the very successful cap and trade treaty that won international agreement in the 1980's. Oddly the treaty was the brainchild of the conservative heros Thatcher and Reagan. (Thatcher read chemistry at Oxford and was also the first "world leader" to accept AGW was a serious problem). If mankind is convinced it is a common threat, it will be fixed, but not before we lose some nice stuff like; the Arctic ice cap, coral reefs, Bangladesh, Miami, Seychelle Islands, ... (ok, Miami is not really a "nice thing" but some people like it)

I do however agree it's "old news".

Comment Re:Which century? (Score 0) 620

And yet we can (and do) plan a century or two ahead when it comes to something like the leaning tower of pizza, a hydro dam, a leve bank,... But you don't have to wait that long, levels will reach 550 ppm in 30-40 years. The geological record indicates 550 ppm is the trigger point for the "clathrate gun". In 30yrs my first born will be 70, how old will you be? Have you met your grandkids yet?

Comment Re:Disjunction between headline and text (Score 1) 115

Labour spent the money on "economic stimulus" in the wake of the GFC, in much the same way as Obama did in the US. The mining boom has ended and none of "leaders" saw it coming. Unlike Norway that experienced a similar boom from North Sea oil and invested it in infrastructure, education. and health, John Howard pissed ours away on tax cuts for the people in the top tax bracket who didn't need them (people like me). We haven't learnt our lessons, it's now more profitable for natural gas companies to ship gas half way around the word than it is to sell it locally. How fucked up is when local industry are complaining about gas shortages, in a nation that prides itself in being the world's #1 gas exporter? Keating was right, the conservatives ate the golden goose and led us down the path to a "banana republic".

Comment Re:Geometry is hard, as is geography (Score 1) 321

Yes, I was taught in 1970's HS that all maps are a compromise in geometry and that Mercator's projection (and cylindrical projections in general) are popular because they have the useful navigational property that a straight line represents a true bearing. If you don't want to compromise, you want a globe, not a map.
The most common map in western schools is a variation on Mercantor (the axis of the cylinder is different), it has the added feature that the "Land Hemisphere" (where most of the land and people are) is "magnified", so you can fit in more detail. Sure there is less detail in the "Water Hemisphere" but it is 90+% water. Water doesn't really have any details of interest to someone reading a map.

The notion that it was drawn/chosen for political/propaganda purposes is "historical revisionism" from people with an axe to grind. They, not Mercantor are the ones engaging in (not so subtle) political propaganda.

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