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Comment Re:Will not solve their problems (Score 2) 336

No, they needed to run a set of commercially available software, that had no Linux running version.
I've seen it so often, it's painful. There just isn't the commercially developed software ecosystem for enterprises out there (well, apart from server stuff). If you can't purchase up to date commercial software to support what you want to do, there's only one avenue left.. Go back to Windows where there's a glut of it.
Now, this could be a good money spinner for people who want to produce good software in that arena, but you've got the chicken and egg scenario.. People don't develop the software because the market is too small (linux on desktop).. And because there's not the glut of software competing, people can't easily move to Linux because of the lack of enterprise software..
It's sad, but that's the current state of things..

Comment Re:ORLY? (Score 4, Informative) 244

"The Economist" did an article on this. The end result from it (in the UK anyway) was that the gender pay gap was a fraction of a percentage point in a like for like. Inside a given company, with the same responsibilities and title, women earned the same as men. Women in a company tended to go for the lower paid, more hourly flexible positions, which is what dragged the average down. This is from the statistics gathered by a consultancy (Korn Ferry) with about 25 million sample points. That's reasonably robust.
The UK as a 0.8% difference in post from men to women for exactly the same role.
Oddly, the cries around this are suddenly that women must be given equal shares in the board rooms and at higher management. It doesn't say whether skills and choices lean that direction or not, simply that this must be made so.
You're absolutely right as far as I can see that people must be given every chance to shine, irrespective of gender, colour, or whatever. If they can do the jobs well, that's what counts.

Comment Re:They're surprisingly well organized (Score 1) 408

Largely speaking, both left and right want people treated fairly. The further away from the centre ground you go, the more polarised the group becomes on what they deem an unfairly treated group to be, and the extent to which that group is disadvantaged. Also, they're usually wrong about the 'why' of the disadvantage.

Submission + - What Happens to Creativity as We Age? (

mpol writes: New York times published a short article about creativity and human age. The conclusion seems to be that teenagers have more loose and wild thoughts than adults.

There are different aspects of creativity ofcourse. When you get older you have more of a sense of what is going to work and what not.
Another aspect is that aging and creativity might be different in the average population, while the people on Slashdot are more often in a creative position already, where you keep on developing your creativity.
You could also say there are different classes in creativity, like Newton and Einstein who created really novel ideas, versus a software developer who executes an idea and creates someting.

How has age affected the way you are creative?

Submission + - A different story to the gender pay gap

malkavian writes: There's been a lot of talk over recent years around the "Gender pay gap", where analyses have been saying that women earn far less than men for exactly the same work.This seems to have been generally accepted, and widely touted. However, according to The Economist, this may not be the case at all for nearly every case, with the outlier being at the very top of the organisation,where women do indeed seem to be paid less.
The widely touted figure is that women earn 29% less than men, and on Slashdot, along with many other places on the internet, heated discussions have been commonplace, with all kinds of theories as to why it would be fair to have a woman sat next to a man doing exactly the same work, yet earning a third less for the effort. It seems that this doesn't actually happen. The average pay gap where it exists is approximately 1%. The article does further say that this does not mean that there isn't sex discrimination in the workplace, as women tend to be doing lesser paid roles on the whole. It does say that there are no clear signals as to why this occurs yet, indicating further research would be needed. The consultancy releasing the figures recommends that when submitting pay details (as required in the UK for large organisations), organisations further break the returns down by job role, such that identification of like work can be picked up for analysis.

Submission + - Best programming language for schoolchildren

SPopulisQR writes: New school year is approaching and I wanted to ask what are appropriate programming languages for children of various age. Specifically, 1) what coding languages should be considered then 2) are there are any self guided coding websites, that can be used by children to learn coding using guidance and help online? Let's say the ages are 8 and 12.

Submission + - Plex Not Allowing Users to OPT Out of Data Collection (

bigdogpete writes: Many users of Plex got an email that said they were changing their privacy policy which goes into effect on 20 September 2017. While most of the things are pretty standard, users found it odd that they were now not going to allow users to opt-out of data collection. Here is the part from their website explaining the upcoming changes.

"In order to understand the usage across the Plex ecosystem and how we need to improve, Plex will continue to collect usage statistics, such as device type, duration, bit rate, media format, resolution, and media type (music, photos, videos, etc.). We will no longer allow the option to opt out of this statistics collection, but we do not sell or share your personally identifiable statistics. Again, we will not collect any information that identifies libraries, files, file names, and/or the specific content stored on your privately hosted Plex Media Servers. The only exception to this is when, and only to the extent, you use Plex with third-party services such as Sonos, Alexa, webhooks, and"

What do you all think?

Submission + - How The OPEC Crisis Killed 1970s Futuristic Plastic Dwellings (

dryriver writes: In the 1970s a number of architects designed futuristic houses, dwellings, chalets and beach shacks made out of a newly popular material — plastics. But before these plastic structures had a chance to become popular in any way, the OPEC crisis hit. Oil prices shot up. With them the price of making an entire human dwelling out of plastic also shot up. A new exhibition called Utopie Plastique ( puts a number of surviving 1970s utopian plastic buildings, most of which were built in small quantities only, on display. The curator of the exhibition believes that if it weren't for the OPEC crisis, we might have seen far more plastic utopian dwellings dotting countrysides and beaches around the world than we do today.

Submission + - Researchers Win $100,000 for New Spear-Phishing Detection Method (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has awarded this year's Internet Defense Prize worth $100,000 to a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, who came up with a new method of detecting spear-phishing attacks in closely monitored enterprise networks. The team created a detection system — called DAS (Directed Anomaly Scoring) — that identifies uncommon patterns in emails communications. They trained DAS by having it analyze 370 million emails from one single large enterprise with thousands of employees, sent between March 2013 and January 2017.

"Out of 19 spearphishing attacks, our detector failed to detect 2 attacks," the research team said. "Our detector [also] achieved an average false positive rate of 0.004%," researchers added, pointing out that this is almost 200 times better than previous research.

Honorable mentions went two other projects, one for using existing static analysis techniques to find a large number of vulnerabilities in Linux kernel drivers, and another for preventing specific classes of vulnerabilities in low-level code.

Submission + - Can porn revive a beloved Netflix series? (

BrianFagioli writes: "Sense8" is hardly Netflix's most popular television series, but it has developed a cult following and is beloved by many. After all, it was co-created by the Wachowskis (sisters Lilly and Lana) — writers and directors of the famous Matrix films.

That is why its cancellation by Netflix after only two seasons was heartbreaking for fans of the show. Even after an outpouring of feedback and emotion from fans, the streaming video service still declined to reverse course. There may still be a chance for "Sense8" to survive, however, thanks to an unlikely thing — porn. Wait, what?

You see, nude video website xHamster is offering to finance the series going forward. The now-canceled Netflix series would not be turned into pornography (total creative control is promised), but it would be effectively funded by porn. While it doesn't seem likely that this partnership will actually happen, it is still quite intriguing.

Submission + - Attackers Turn To Auto-Updating Links Instead Of Macros To Deliver Malware (

Orome1 writes: SANS ISC handler Xavier Mertens has flagged and analyzed a malicious Word file that, somehow, is made to automatically download an additional malicious RTF file, ultimately leading to a RAT infection. What is curious about this particular attack is that it uses an approach that Mertens has never encountered before: the file exploits a Microsoft Word feature that can make files automatically update links included in them as soon as they are opened. The Word file tries to access the malicious RTF file and, if it succeeds, the latter downloads a JavaScript payload, which creates a shell object to spawn a PowerShell command and download a malicious PE file – the Netwire RAT.

Comment Re:Black Lives Matter (Score 2) 396

No, BLM is recognised as a Black Power movement. 93% of Black homicides are committed by black people (84% of homicides against white people are committed by whites; while this is only a 10% difference, in the population sizes, a vast amount more white people are killed by non-whites than the other way round.
If Black Lives Matter, then to get the biggest return, they need to address the (probably cultural, gangsta, edgy, which is so popular it's practically mainstream) issues in their own community first.
But that'd not get any political points and headlines. So nobody does it, or is even allowed to speak about it.

That being said, it's pretty much a no brainer to block this (as you intimate). To my thinking, and addressing earlier in the thread, it's not because he has any particular political ideology (it's not about that), it's because the complete arse chose to drive his car straight at people. All observations are that this was a deliberate act of murder, and needs to be treated as such. We've had such things over here in Europe, and each one has been tied to extremist organisations (and planned). I suspect that this wasn't planned, but a spur of the moment thing, but it's in the same league as terror attacks. There is, quite simply, no excuse for that behaviour. There are points that you turn round and say "yeah, this is no longer political, it's legal", and what would be real bad for business is showing support for murder.
If the right want to crowd fund, sure.. Let them. If the left, or BLM want to crowd fund, sure.. They're all extreme, but it gives a useful trail on who is doing what, which may inform intelligence communities, which is useful. It also keeps them quiet (well, less violent, and more talky, which is generally a good thing).
I'm largely centre politically, with odd steps to the right of Attila the Hun, or left of Lennin (all depends on the matter at hand), and there's no way in hell that I'd want to be associated with this.
Now if they allow crowd funding for legal funds of black people accused of murdering other people, with this weight of observable evidence in the public domain, then they get strung up for hypocrisy, as you rightfully put.

Comment Re:Black Lives Matter (Score -1, Troll) 396

Actually the parent was correct. This is probably nothing to do what the fact the skin happens to be black, but more likely an artifact of what Black Culture has become (gangsta, edgy).
Also contrary to what you're likely be indoctrinated into believing, though people feel more threatened by a black presence (with the 8 times as likely to kill, and a definite skewing of violent offending towards the upper scale of violence, this may be warranted, especially if you're black, as the majority of killings are intra race, not inter race), they take longer to actually pull the trigger, showing a net bias in favour of a person of colour over one that's white.
The Black Lives Matter movement isn't actually about saving black lives. It's about Black Power (and is recognised as a Black Power movement). This has nothing to do with racial equality, and everything to do with attempted justification of unjustified hate.

Comment Re: For reference (Score 1) 458

Actually, he picked through current research on the subject of sex and preference, which fits observed data and analysis of experimentation.. He was proposing more effective ways of increasing diversity based on the statistical distribution of personality archetypes and preferences across society as a whole.. What the media are doing is altering the frame of reference from a population study to a personal one (population sample vs individual). Those comparisons are not valid. He generally put it that women in general aren't interested in engineering.. Even if they're good at it (my other half has a degree in mech eng, 2:1, so she's good), but she didn't have the interest in it.. Instead, she works in finance, which she much prefers.. Have a good read of the memo, and his references that explain what he's trying to do, and the evidence he's using. Not the media edited version, the original. There are a lot of valid points as generalities, aimed at offering insights into structural flaws.. It's just been treated as a directed insult because some people think it applies to individuals, not populations (a false equivalence).

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