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AMD Launches New ATI Linux Driver 262

Michael Larabel writes "AMD has issued a press release announcing 'significant graphics performance and compatibility enhancements' on Linux. AMD will be delivering new ATI Linux drivers this year that offer ATI Radeon HD 2000 series support, AIGLX support (Beryl and Compiz), and major performance improvements. At Phoronix we have been testing these new drivers internally for the past few weeks and have a number of articles looking at this new driver. The ATI 8.41 Linux driver delivers Linux gaming improvements from the R300/400 series and the R500 series. The inaugural Radeon HD 2900XT series support also can be found in the new ATI Linux driver with 'the best price/performance ratio of any high-end graphics card under Linux.' While this new driver cannot be downloaded yet, in their press release AMD also alludes to accelerating efforts with the open-source community."

Submission + - Shuttleworth: no patent deals with Microsoft (

christian.einfeldt writes: "The FOSS press has speculated for some time now that Shuttleworth would probably not agree to any patent "protection" deals with Microsoft, but blogger Steven Rosenberg has found a page on Shuttleworth's personal blog ("Here Be Dragons") that unambiguously sets out Shuttleworth's opposition to Canonical's participation in any such deals. Rosenberg aptly summarizes Shuttleworth's position in these terms:

'So there you have it — Canonical welcomes any efforts by Microsoft to improve "interoperability," isn't a fan of OpenXML, doesn't want to infringe on anybody's patents or trademarks, thinks Microsoft's threats are ill-advised, a and would like to actually deal with the issue rather than respond out of fear.'


Submission + - Amarok is being ported to Windows (

NightFears writes: Amarok, the popular Linux multimedia player, is being prepared for a Windows port. As highly-demanded as it is, the port spawned a lot of controversy among the dedicated Linux users, since many of them feel that after the release there'll be one strong argument less for convincing people to switch to Linux.

The amazing part here is that it only took two days. Basically most of Amarok was already so portable that it compiled without changes. I really expected it to be much more work. Shows that it pays off to use an excellent cross-platform toolkit like Qt in the first place.
Ah yes, and there's a screenshot.


Submission + - Microsoft-Linspire agreement (

nikostheater writes: "Linspire and Microsoft signed and agreemend concerning Interoperability and the usual patent covenant,with the difference that the customer must want to puchase some windows technologies along with the patent SKU. It seems that Microsoft is hunting Distributions lately...GPL3 must be their nightmare.."

Submission + - Microsoft signs deal with Linspire

kazade84 writes: Microsoft have signed another controversial deal with a Linux distribution. The deal entitles Linspire to Media Player codecs as well as protection against any patent infringements. Also worryingly they will join forces to create a translator between ODF and OOXML. Is this going to be another weapon in Microsoft's OOXML drive?

Submission + - SPAM: Marriott IT exec shares network "horror story

alphadogg writes: Neil Schubert is only partly kidding when he calls Marriott International's move toward a converged network a "horror story." "I'm here to tell you a terrifying tale of network design, support and administration," he said at an IT conference in Boston, referring to a major bandwidth crunch caused by guests wielding Slingboxes and other network devices that overran the hotel chain's outdated network. [spam URL stripped]b ert-marriott.html

Submission + - Switching from Windows (

JavaJack writes: "I'm evaluating the advisability of switching from Windows as my desktop workstation to Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X. The first installment of the blogs of the process I'm going through can be found at It includes a full consideration of making sure I will still be able to do everything I need to do in my life that I already do on my Windows XP Professional Laptop."

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