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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 221

The issue is that in the beginning we where told that nothing you could buy for "real money" would give you an advantage over non-paying players. Now the currency you get for playing is worth a lot less than it used to be so it's almost impossible to claim that this is still true.

I still think it's a fun game when I can play ("Error 3" - I'm looking at you) and bought some snazzy clothes and two weapons for my soldier.

Submission + - How to start a new venture with no resources? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have an amazing idea to create a product that would revolutionize a subset of the computing market. I have absolutely no funds of my own, and I am not eligible for any government grants from my home country. I don't have my product developed, although I am able to demo the essence of the technology in action, and sell the fact that it should be ported to other platforms with the changes that would make it profitable. I have a detailed business plan with financials and descriptions of everything along the way. What I would like to know, is how I can go about finding investors to set this up? Angel investors and VCs are no good from what I can tell, since they all want to invest in already established companies.

This would be a technology company, based on OSS technology and giving a whole lot back to the economy and field. The idea is not patentable, so all that I can do is hope to get the product to market before bigger companies come out with their own versions of the product.

The market my product I would be competing in is reported by many reputable sources(forbes, wsj etc) to not be affected by the current economy, and may in fact benefit from it, so I see that as a good sign. I am not a US citizen, but feel I need to target the US market if I want to succeed, and hence setup a US based company. I have no company registered since I don't see the point without yet having a product, something impossible without funding. I would also like to retain control of the company I wish to setup after obtaining funding. My question is, what can I do in this situation? How can I find investors I can convince just on my idea alone without having collateral or an established company?"

Submission + - LCD Motion Blur: Fact and Fiction (

WesternActor writes: ExtremeTech has a story written by Raymond Soneira, the president of DisplayMate that addresses whether motion blur is still the problem with HDTVs it's always considered. He set up an elaborate test over several months to measure motion blur, and goes into a lot of detail about the process and his findings, some of which run counter to a lot of what you hear about HDTVs. It's very interesting to read about how this one-time problem has been distorted by both time and the manufacturers themselves who are trying to "market" around the "problem," and only end up making things more confusing for everyone.

Comment Stuff confiscated, not all innosent (Score 1) 4

The police reports this was a raid on an illegal club, thy were primarily interested in illegal sales of alcohol.

In addition to the stuff taken mentioned in Hackerspaces post

Stuff confiscated.
* 860 beers, 33 cl cans.
* 39 bottles of booze.
* 66 liters wine

Other illegal or "problematic" things found and seized
* 6 improvised explosive devices. Of low explosive force, mainly used to make a big bang.
* 3 high power green light laser pointers. May need a permit depending on power.
* 4 Spring Billy Club or Collapsible Batons. Illegal in Sweden
* 3 Cans of pepper spray. Illegal in Sweden.
* 1 High Power Slingshot. Illegal in Sweden.
* 2 Items of police uniform. This cannot be bought legally
* 2 Devices for making keys and key raw-materials.


French Branch of Scientology Is Convicted of Fraud 622

The trial we discussed this spring has come to a verdict, and reader lugannerd was one of several to note a milestone in the fight against the Church of Scientology. "The French branch of the Church of Scientology was convicted of fraud and fined nearly $900,000 on Tuesday by a Paris court. But the judges did not ban the church entirely, as the prosecution had demanded, saying that a change in the law prevented such an action for fraud. The church said it would appeal. The verdict was among the most important in several years to involve the controversial group, which is registered as a religion in the United States but has no similar legal protection in France. It is considered a sect here, and says it has some 45,000 adherents, out of some 12 million worldwide. It was the first time here that the church itself had been tried and convicted, as opposed to individual members."

Major MMO Publishers Sued For Patent Infringement 232

GameboyRMH writes "The Boston Globe reports that major MMO publishers (Blizzard, Turbine, SOE, NCSoft, and Jagex) are being sued by Paltalk, which holds a patent on 'sharing data among many connected computers so that all users see the same digital environment' — a patent that would seem to apply to any multiplayer game played between multiple systems, at the very least. Paltalk has already received an out-of-court settlement from Microsoft earlier this year in relation to a lawsuit over the Halo games. If Microsoft can't fend off Paltalk's legal attacks, the odds don't look good for their latest group of targets."
Social Networks

Facebook Ordered To Turn Over Source Code 304

consonant writes "A Delaware District Court judge has ordered Facebook to turn over ALL its source code to Leader Technologies, who allege patent infringements by Facebook. The patent in question appears to be for 'associating a piece of data with multiple categories.' Additionally, while the judge in question deems it fine to let Leader Technologies look at Facebook's source (for a patent, no less!) in its entirety for a single feature, it would be 'overboard to ask a patent holder to disclose all of their products that practice any claim of the patent-in-suit.'"

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