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Comment Re:Not privacy (Score 1) 174

I think one of the major problems with privacy, is that there are too many opinions on what it is. If we could decide it means what you say it does, then maybe we could get a better handle on protecting it. It is kind of like trying to protect assets on a network...if you don't know what is there, or what it does, how can you protect it?

Comment Re:The goal is $32 million (Score 1) 104

Wow! I am not used to getting intelligent replies here...that hasn't happened since about 2001! My bad engrish aside, I was saying that Canonical is a for profit, and any profits to be had from a smart phone with the Ubuntu name would likely end up being reported on their bottom line. It feels to me like they are trying to get the community to pay for their R&D because they don't want to, or can't. I too would be first in line with my hard earned cash to buy one, if only there was one.

Comment The goal is $32 million (Score 2, Insightful) 104

I don't quite understand...they are celebrating selling over $10 million worth of vaporware, when the goal is $32 million. Were they actually out to build a new phone, or did they just want to break a fund raising record? I won't be contributing to the hype, they are a for profit company in there somewhere, they need to either build the phone, or shut the fuck up.

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