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Comment Re:Black light? (Score 1) 295

As a potential solution to road blindness caused by oncoming (or tailgating) headlights, why not have the headlights emit mostly black light, and coat the road surface with a material which will cause it to fluoresce by the black light.

This way we might even be able to have the headlights on full beam instead of dipped (making the cats eyes like much clearer and nicer too).

Headlights would be a dim blue as a result.

Are you going to coat pedestrias, wildlife at the same time?

Comment too many jerks here today (Score 1) 532

Just because you've never had a problem doesn't make it non existent. No one is going to take away your new shiny monitor.

Most companies run infrastructure to failure. That means fluorescent lights with magnetic ballast that flicker at 60 Hz x 2. Previously, an old CRT with worn out phosphors running at a close frequency would have very noticeable flicker. The beat frequency (difference or lack of sync between two rapidly flickering sources) is what matters. Personally I could see some flicker with a monitor under fluorescent lights up to 70 Hz. Some coworkers always left their CRTs at 60 (where flickering was most noticeable) and we're never bothered. LCDs with CFL backlights generally don't have Mich of an issue (high frequency driver due to size).

I can see how an LED backlight with faulty circuitry could become an issue, especially if it has a flicker close to powerlines frequency. Again it would not be noticeable to everyone. That doesn't make it psychosomatic. Just means the guy who sees it has a slightly different visual cortex in hos brain from you (faster clock speed)? Stop throwing around this nonsense and accusing the OP of being allergic to WiFi too.

By the way, if you ever work in a large company or government, you often will be stuck with degrading equipment for quite some time. Especially outside of IT.... I feel sorry for the OP if this is the case as if his boss can't see it, he's stuck with it until it breaks or he quits.

Also someone mentioned LED lights on cats. Cars run off of DC, but voltage regulators and alternator can add a pulsation to any lighting.

Comment Re:No. Just No. (Score 1) 391

The less involved the drivers are the safer the system is. The system is safest when the driver cannot control the car at all.

The Airbus school of thought.

You can excees the design of the engines ib a Boeing aircraft in reverse thrust to stop it from overrruning the runway in emegency conditions. The engines will be damaged and need overhaul but you can avoid becoming a giant fireball. In an Airbus, you cannot.

"If only the crew kept their sinning hands off of the controls"

Comment Re:buses don't have a 100% live link (Score 1) 135

So store it on the card, and record it on the buses computer. Download the bus whenever it returns to the depot. Update the balance nightly from on a database. Flag cards that come back with a discrepancy at recharge time. If a card has a negative balance (i.e. tampered or spoofed), blacklist it. download the blacklist to the bus regularly.

Wait, I should patent that. Method and apparatus for a tamper resistant NFC fare card system.

Comment Re:Nope. (Score 1) 416

Arguably Competition between governments is not a free market, as they collude in their own interests with some of the other members, for example OPEC, NATO, the old Warsaw pact. They also lobby and influence smaller players. This leads to what is largely an oligopoly of several large blocs and very small powerless players.

Comment Re:Thats what virtual machines are for. (Score 1) 298

Good god - how idiotic does an OS have to be, to run executables from any media you happen to insert?

Not idiotic, just outdated. When Windows XP was released, way back in 2001, the assumption was that removable media was going to be a pressed CD or DVD and that these sources could be trusted. This assumption started to break down with the advent of cheap CD/DVD writers, and became completely absurd when inexpensive flash drives proliferated.

Autorun comes from Windows 95. Worth noting that cd writers were pretty cheap in 1998.

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