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Comment Re:Better DVD menu support? (Score 1) 419

Then, it boils down to one further argument: would you rather have it not doing what they want it to do because:
- they were stupid and installed viruses on their system, and need to learn from their experiences...?
- because the OS wasn't even designed to do what you want it to do to begin with?

In other words, which would you rather spend your time fixing? Something that you/they broke... or something that shouldn't've even been broke to begin with?

Comment Re:Line endings! (Score 1) 536

It likely does. Pretty much the standard response for an FTP server, no matter what system it's actually running, is to say it's UNIX.

I have to side with the "FTP sucks" crowd as well. As has been stated earlier, any protocol that corrupts data due to a flipped notepad.exe compatibility switch, is fucked up. ASCII mode in FTP should have been killed off decades ago when the internet stopped using 7-bit transmissions. Seriously. What other protocol actually changes data based on its file extension?

Comment Re:Oh silly hardware companies..NVIDIA HAS PROBS (Score 1) 186

Laptops, man, laptops. Even ATI's desktop graphics are kinda suck, but at least they can be worked around and you can download new drivers from ATI's site. Laptop chipsets, you can't get anything from ATI for. The "drivers still suck" part? Crashes, instability, and poor planning. nVidia's control panel doesn't require .NET, and neither should ATI's. ATI's control panel intrusively adds itself to all context menus, takes forever to load, and is a pain in the rear to use (I tried showing my Business teacher how to use it to turn on the projector on her new class computer, and I think she blew a fuse).

My current issue with ATI is unstable default drivers provided with Windows 7 for my X1200 integrated GPU. ATI denies the existence of both Windows 7 and this GPU, even though the laptop is only about 6 months old. Can't go into hibernate because it always crashes coming out, and about 1 in 10 times I resume from standby, the display doesn't come up and causes a BSOD about 20 seconds later. Win7 64-bit is just an unusable nightmare for many of the same issues, only greatly magnified. I've even had it crash while Windows was running - and I don't even do any gaming on here!

The .NET thing is merely an issue with execution. Their setup program is botched. It detects that you don't have .NET Framework installed (as is typical when setting up a new computer), but instead of offering you the option to install it later due to that error, it plows through the installation anyway, and leaves you with a totally screwed up installation that takes hours to untangle and correct, even after installing .NET Framework - it then gives you cryptic error messages on each startup about a missing assembly (something like MOM.Implementation) until you uninstall the whole driver, delete the ATI folder, then reinstall the drivers and control panel. All because it decided to install despite the error. Yeah!

nVidia, for me, just works. I don't do a lot of high end graphics, I just want a card that works well, and nVidia has always given me that. I've had an opportunity to play with an X260 card, and I quickly found out about that poor thermal management problem. It would stick at 30% until it's about to melt metal, then finally kick the fan up higher. They seem to have fixed that issue in later revisions of the card. The software doesn't control the fan speed; the card's BIOS actually controls that. There are mod tools to download the BIOS, modify the parameters, then reflash it, to keep it cooler. But yeah, that's not a great solution, and they should have done better. But at least they don't make huge mistakes all across the board like ATI seems to do!

Comment Re:Oh silly hardware companies..NVIDIA HAS PROBS (Score 1) 186

Pasta is as pasta does:
"Release date(s): February 2007"

Which, by your own link, pretty much directly shoots down your entire previous statement ("The X1200 series was launched in 2005..."), and all the garble that follows it. Also, the issue isn't that it's only DX9, but rather that ATI's drivers are unstable as hell and that, as you said yourself, they have no plans to improve their shoddy work. Isn't that just great?

In fact, the entire point of this whole off-shoot is that ATI has poor drivers. All you've done is confirm that: ATI puts out poorly written drivers, gives them only to OEMs (which typically just sit on them and never release the updates to the users), then when the chipset becomes "obsolete" (less than 6 months after OEMs stopped putting them in new computers), they stop fixing the bugs in their unfinished product. Absolutely excellent.

If nVidia became the only remaining GPU manufacturer due to ATI/AMD's collapse, I couldn't possibly be happier.

Comment Re:Oh silly hardware companies..NVIDIA HAS PROBS (Score 1) 186

Um... don't know where you're getting your info, but my X1200 is in a laptop "designed for" Vista Home Premium (and that means Aero and DX10 I believe) - I promptly installed XP and ordered it with a blank hard drive. It now runs Windows 7 but ATI's fail comes in its lack of stable drivers; this thing has seen more crashes than a racetrack, and it's not Win7's fault.

Also, it was only being developed in late 2006, have a look-see. See where it says that it's "to be named X1200"? How could something be expected to get a name that already existed at that time? Probably launched later in 2007.

Finally, no, this laptop was manufactured in 2008. It wasn't the dealer that warranted it either - it's the manufacturer that I still have a valid warranty with. So, yeah.

Comment Re:Oh silly hardware companies..NVIDIA HAS PROBS (Score 4, Insightful) 186

Impressively, ATI's drivers still suck. You'd think they'd've learned by now. I don't game. I just want a damn graphics controller - a slow and steady, efficient and cool graphics controller - that has drivers that work properly. Easy to get with nVidia. Not so easy to get with ATI. And if you happen to get stuck with a laptop with an ATI graphics chip? Well, all I can say is GOOD LUCK. Bad enough that if you don't have .NET Framework installed when you install the driver, you end up with 5 more hours of diagnosing and repairing a broken installation of ATI CCC that it was ignorant enough to install anyway. Add in the fact that ATI doesn't even support anything older than ~1 year old (they don't support my laptop with a Radeon X1200 even though it's still under MFG warranty). Now that's a company I want to buy products from. I hope ATI goes bankrupt from their ignorance.

Comment Re:No plug in support (Score 1) 381

Puh, you can keep your mouse gestures. I switched back to Firefox because I want a convenient in-browser RSS reader like Firefox has (live bookmarks on toolbar). Any other RSS reader is simply too much trouble. Google is leaning too heavily on its clunky "iGoogle" (or whatever it's called) to provide RSS support. And when you do view a RSS feed, the browser explodes. Boo.

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