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Comment Can Apple survive without Jobs again? (Score 5, Interesting) 166

Steve Jobs breathed life back into a dying Apple. It was his management that turned the company from a third-rate HW vendor into a juggernaut of ideas, concepts, products, and customer satisfaction. Sculley, Amelio, and the rest never could have done that.

But if Steve goes, whence Apple? I'm sure he has a large cadre of lieutenants who can make good decisions in his stead, but can they get along? Can they drive the teams and call BS on half-assed engineering like Jobs? Do they have his business acumen?

The problem of building a company around a single person means that person is the weakest link. When Steve decides to give up the mantle, will Apple be able to adjust to the absence and still succeed in the same ways?

I doubt it, and that's why I've shorted Apple stock. Frankly, I suggest you all do likewise.

Comment Re:That's got yet another significant difference (Score 1) 470

Moving away from this discussion of criminality could spare us from rehashing the same old arguments. What this article was discussing was public perception, and in this sense, none of the characterizations we've proffered so far really match up.

Carnegie, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt - these are men who are both highly admired for their achievements and just as highly detested for the manner in which they reached their achievements.

Comment Bad decision. I hope they reverse it. (Score 5, Funny) 140

As an applications developer, lacking this feature means that I cannot increase my budget to hire more programmers and produce a better product. Without the personal information I have nothing to sell to advertisers, and must rely on much lower advertisement rates and donations from users.

Users will suffer from lower-quality apps, and I'm sad that Facebook has taken this step. In a world of openness, this is a huge step backwards.

I don't want to go back to a "pay to play" internet. Please lobby FB to reenable these features if you also believe in keeping the internet free.

Comment So anyone with a playlist can be a DJ now? (Score 3) 113

I can accept using digital turntables or computerized mixing and effects in DJing. It's just a fact of life. Technology progresses, and the users of that technology progress too. But your friend "Kid Chameleon" has really lousy song selection and no stage presence, at least one of which is necessary for any good DJ. In this video, he putz around with the equipment, BSing with a few people, then finally plays his lame intro. It isn't even until a good 45 seconds in that he finally puts on the helmet, but then he just bops around in front of his Mac with a beat with no energy.

Technology changes, and we have to live with it. Those who don't are bound to be considered dinosaurs, while those who adapt lead us ever onward. I think the helmet is a beautifully constructed realization of this fact. While technology progresses, it is up to us individuals to bridge the gap between old and new, and sometimes bridging that gap results in really fucking stupid shit like this.

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