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Comment Re:Spoof the line as disconnected.. (Score 2) 497

It's sometimes called "the triple tone."


There's live samples that can be played there. IVR systems automatically detect the no circuit tones and removes or deprioritizes a number.

Playing the wikipedia sample by holding the phone to the PC speaker should be enough, I recon.

Comment Re:One button to the main screen! Is that changed? (Score 1) 233

I'm sure everyone has dozens of applications on Windows and Linux where unless you right click, you won't realize there's a lot more depth to what can be done.

Ya, right mouse button is too obvious for Apple.

[In xcode] When the find/replace bar appears at the top of the editor, holding down the option key on the keyboard causes "Replace in Selection" to appear in lieu of "Replace All."

That's from stackoverflow.

Comment Re:Well, he's not afraid his company might fire hi (Score 1) 486

When you're talking about office visits, even specialists, I fully agree. People put off automotive work for the same reason, but the chances of that widowing a wife are slimmer than procrastinating the cost of a scan for an abdominal pain.

At present I pay $140usd/mo for a low dosage of dextroamphetamine, something that could be made by a high schooler with Google and given proper lab access. I do not mind paying a man for his skill, but that I do find insulting.

Comment Re:Well, he's not afraid his company might fire hi (Score 3, Insightful) 486

MA is not doing anyone favoures.

Unless a company buys you health insurance you can only enroll in July. In the mean time they will penalize your already high state taxes for every month you do not have insurance. Keep in mind it's not a 'fine,' thatd be unconstitutional!

The logic behind this is people with no insurance avoid going to the dr, their ailments turn into bad conditions that they must get treated, then skip out on the bill. This money supposedly compensates for this.

Health insurance is, how ever, prohibitely expensive so they push high deductible plans for 300/month. High deductible plans... You mean the sort of insurance that causes people to avoid the dr?

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