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Comment Re:Centralization is risky (Score 1) 55

At first sight centralization looks like a great way to reduce costs, however, there are problems that are likely to make the cost actually rise. I'm unaware of any studies showing when it's good to centralize and when it's bad. It would be a very interesting study to read. While you may need fewer machines to run 20 websites together than you'd need to run them separately, but you'll also need more qualified staff. An avarage 16 years old with a bit of time in his hands and an interest for technology can easily configure a machine capable of handling hundreds of requests per second. That's more than most sites need. As you strive to share more and more resources, you'll need more and more qualified staff, capable of figuring out how to manage the resource sharing. Resource sharing is one of the most difficult problems in computer science. With machine prices being so low, is it really worthy to solve those problems for all but really big, google sized, sites?

Comment Re:Statistics can be misleading (Score 1) 152

Moreover, they have found in other studies that emergency surgeries over the weekend are more likely to result in death than on other days of the week. So the hypothesis that it could be explained simply because of how doctors schedule surgeries can be ruled out. Besides, it seems that care over the weekend is actually poorer than care during the week days. So it seems like surgeon would not want to schedule trickier surgeries over friday. Also, the surgeon himself would like to rest over the weekend, so it is more likely that he would want the opposite. It seems that he would like to do surgeries that are less likely to result in complications on Friday.

Comment Re:I was in a hot tub with a Chinese national and (Score 3, Funny) 249

Interesting. I was in bed with this Chineses national, wearing nothing but a banana hammock, and she told me how she loves China. She began arguing quite unlogically that freedom isn't everything and that she likes that the government is taking care that she only reads what's important. She argued that their slashdot doesn't have any trolls and everyone is insightful or interesting.

After that we began to talk about free software and things just got out of hands. Time to taste the freedom! I told her while I opened a laptop with Debian Linux running. She was quite unreasonable about it and left. They are all brain washed, I tell you!

Comment Re:Oh Please, GIVE IT A REST. (Score 1) 65

I didn't click it. My name was suggested to a bunch of people I know, though. So, even though I'm not a "member" I come up as a possible member. I just didn't think it was nice of them. I didn't click it out of luck, anyway, because I had no idea what buzz is when it came up and, if I was in an exploring mood, I'd just accept it to see what was that thing. Which is also not really nice. Had they mentioned it was like a twitter that uses my e-mail address, I'd say no everytime. But they certainly didn't phrase things like that.

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