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Comment Re:Safety Critical (Score 1) 913

The problem with any tech is that it's nearly impossible to make it perfect. In some situations like airbags, you can make the system very simple and independent, so it's not prone to failure.

Airbags aren't perfect. I know that for sure as i blew the side impact bag in a VW when a tyre popped. How do you think the car knows whether to deploy an airbag? A lateral g sensor, or in more advanced systems there may be sensors in the doors/pillars. Its still electronics that can go wrong.

Comment Re:I predict a boom in Chinese research. (Score 5, Interesting) 292

My experience echoes this - i review for a number of materials science journals and i've noticed a steady increase in the quality of work coming from the chinese universities. Its becoming well written (in english, which is not easy for them i think) and increasingly relevant. I would predict that before long they will need us less than we need them. The only case of blatant cheating (copying and pasting "nano particles" all over a SEM picture) came from india, not china.

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