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Comment Re:Data haven (Score 1) 322

The 1.3 seconds to the Moon would drive most computer communication protocols nuts, especially since they won't know if the other end has even received a packet for a bit more than 2 and a half seconds.

I've worked with some military communication devices geared for Internet Protocol over half-duplex HF and they work just fine. While it's not 1.3 seconds latency, the problem is similar with half-duplex. You could easily have full duplex comms, and the need for forward error correction, Automatic Request for retransmission (ARQ) etc wouldn't be as high.

of course you wont be playing COD4 Black Ops and getting headshots......

Comment just as long as (Score 0) 434

just as long as they dont as for my Slashdot credentials...... this is where i rant things they wouldnt like....

i think this is f%^ked.

its security vs convenience .... (their convenience or mine) The more secure, the less convenient..... it can be very secure and very private....

security vs privacy is BS pushed on the people by the patriot act...

Comment move upstream? (Score 1) 310

Can they just move upstream and make game good development environments that 'everyone' can use - with the licences for nintendo things like mario - and sell these to the developers for a few hundred bucks? maybe new customer can use the tools to create and on-sell the games for $2.

either that or make games for the mobile platform that are better, and similarly priced, and go for volume?

Comment Re:As someone who's studied and taugh (Score 1) 245

That said, doing martial arts as a kid is a wonderful way to learn self-control, among many other benefits.

So does "doing" musical instruments.

Any sport, for that matter.

And any activity that requires concentration and diligence.

I born in New Zealand in the 70's, played saxophone (badly) age 10-12, then delivered newspapers to people at 5:30am age 14-17.. does that count?

Comment Re:Here's why they are doing this (Score 2) 321

So stand up and do something. Go join one of the groups wanting to destroy the US government and help out. Walk the talk, little geek, or sit on your fat ass and post screed that no one other than you think are relevant and intelligent.

There is no statement in the GP's post that they are against the approach they outlined..... you've just assumed they were and are doing nothing about it. Perhaps they are proud of how the USA can persecute someone without a guilty verdict....

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