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Comment Re:Customer Service (Score 5, Funny) 513

Only sales people that I've had trouble with past that generally are car salesmen, who've even tried the technique of blocking the exit driveway with staff so I couldn't drive off. I saw their block, and raised them a 4x4 through the hedge row. Shoulda seen the looks on their faces...

Car salesmen do tend to get upset when you drive their car off the lot without paying for it.

Comment Re:Facebook too entrenched (Score 1) 236

When Google took over search engines- there were other companies at play- but no-one had an emotional attachment to them.

Now Google wants to take over social media- but Facebook is entrenched. It's different than conquering the search world because Facebook has an emotional value for people- and the less technical people that anchor it are less likely to switch than the early adopters of the internet that switched to Google's search engine.

Facebook doesn't have an emotional value for people. Facebook has all the friends that people want to share things with while Google+ doesn't. People have no problem switching social networks, but they are not going to do so unless there is a reason to switch and people are there. Google hasn't filled either of those criteria.

Comment Re:Rolled my own (Score 1) 187

After trying to use Google Maps and/or the Phoenix Metro time schedule when I took my son on the Phoenix Metro Light Rail (which he absolutely loves riding), I gave up and just scraped the data and wrote my own application (iOS app and Android app). The biggest issue I had was that the schedule data is badly done. They only have the times for half the stations (14 out of 28), so I had to interpolate for the remaining stations and call it good enough

Damn it. I forgot to log in before replying.

Comment Re:unprecedented heights of productivity (Score 2) 223

The house took only 6 weeks to build because someone paid for the land and hired architects to design the house before they even started. Then they organized 30 different people (including many specialists) to work on it while making sure they are getting all needed permits, following local building ordinances and safety laws. Feel free to replace all that work by doing it yourself and see how many years it will take to finish the house.

Comment Re:Faulty Reasoning (Score 5, Insightful) 653

Outsourcing code development doesn't work unless you have some onshore owners of the code who are able to review for code quality and demand fixes when the quality suffers. I've been working with offshore developers for over a decade now. There are some that are really good and I felt confident giving their code just a quick once over review. There are others where I have to review the code thoroughly because they're not quite up to par (such as the time I had to write the Java time code interface for a coder after he failed three times to figure out how to do it). Without an employee owner for the code, then outsourcing is hit-and-miss for actually saving money.

Comment Mother of all lawsuits (Score 1) 397

So, the cable companies (which deliver content to customer's homes) wants to charge people extra because of the high number of Netflix (which delivers content to customer's home) streaming subscribers. I see this becoming a huge anti-trust lawsuit with Netflix suing the cable companies for trying to install barriers in their Internet service to protect their their TV service profits.

Comment Quiet Period (Score 1) 325

Amazing how much stories there are comparing Zynga and EA while Zynga is in the quiet period just before their IPO and are unable to comment. Judging from the number of ex-EA employees on the current Zynga roster, I expect that this is a EA sponsored hit piece.

Comment Re:News? Newes? (Score 1) 78

AllThingsD has a series of articles on this where they talk about the multiple attempts of a Facebook phone. They investigated creating a phone from scratch (hardware/software/distribution/carriers/etc.) and eventually gave up. The newest attempt is the one that's leaking out now with HTML5 Facebook layer on top of Android with HTC building the hardware.

Comment Re:Skeptical (Score 3, Insightful) 78

I just don't see this working out for well for Facebook. History is littered with examples of successful software companies that thought their brilliance extended to hardware. It almost never works out; they inevitably rediscover not only that hardware is an order of magnitude more challenging to get to market than software, but customers are much less forgiving about flaws and bugs when they can't be fixed with a simple update.

It's not just software to hardware transition that is hard, but web app to consumer device. Right now, Facebook controls all updates and can make all changes completely under their control. With a Facebook phone, any update will need to go through the phone manufacturer and the carrier to get it out. And we have seen how hard it is for Google to get phones up to the latest release.

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