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Comment Re:you can do one better (Score 1) 97

Please. Go right ahead. You wont last nearly as long as FB has because things cost money
Oh boo hoo, you have to suffer through a few ads to use something for free. I guess everyone forgot or was not around for the first 5+ years of ad free FB.
If you want to leave your personal information off of facebook then GET OFF OF FACEBOOK. Don't cry like entitled children because I am sure no one here works for free.

Comment Re:You Can Help (Score 1) 90

This is why everyone hates America. We are so damn dense and lack any global perspective.

Really? The US censors your internet on a national (or any) level comparable to China? Really? You have to VPN to get on CNN/FB/Twitter? You have use TOR to get on Slashdot? Using any of the above sites is illegal in the US?

Comment Re:Bwaaaahahahahah! (Score 1) 194

I work for the FCC, and my opinions and statements are that of my own.

This is a waste of time.
The people you are throttling that will be effected have 0 say in what goes on here, we work the same job many engineers developers and BA's and testers do across the nation.
Also, most of our work is for services we provide to the public. Most outwards traffic is to look up commands or to mess around on facebook/reddit/slashdot.
And to be honest, im sure over 95% of the people reading this have never heard of Sorry.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 345

Parenting fail.

If your kids are playing with guns, then as a parent you have failed. No simpler way to put it. You were warned not to let kids play with guns for literally years, and now April 8th came, you're still letting them play with guns. I think in this analogy its time for Child Services to come alleviate you of your kids, since you cant take care of them and have failed to follow simple. Don't give me that "its impossible, im too integrated into my ways". No, its possible, you failed to work that cost into your business logic.

No one wants to see children get hurt, but when their legal guardian has sit idly by for years after being lectured, its time to up the ante before that 0day shoots you in the face. This one might shoot you in the foot, but its a lot better than the next one which might be a face full of buckshot.

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