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Comment Whiny marketer is whiny. (Score 2) 185

I head up Firefox marketing, but I use Chrome every day.

That speaks volumes to the quality of Firefox.

But talking to friends, it sounds more and more like living on Chrome has started to feel like their only option. And unfortunately, too many people think Firefox isn’t a modern alternative.
Except it is. Yes, three years ago, Firefox was reeling. But today, Firefox is SO much better than it was even a year ago.

So, you're failing at your job and blaming your friends for not using a browser that you won't even use? Hold on, I came prepared.

Comment They cannot. (Score 4, Insightful) 72

The issue here is less about greedy journals and more about the fact that universities are being run like businesses which results in the "publish or perish" expectation. The system has become completely mismanaged into being a capitalist nightmare where you do what they want or you lose what you love. I believe this could be remedied if it became exceptionally difficult to revoke tenure, requiring that colleagues agree to it. The greedy journals problem can easily be done away with by freely releasing the research and only allowing non-profit journals to publish their work.

TL;DR: The problem is the culture of university administrations, not with the researchers themselves.

Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 1) 265

Huh? It's not a True/False sort of thing.

So it's a magical non-science thing? No, it's all chemical reactions. You need to figure out what intelligence is, how it's formed and then what causes its formation then you can figure out what makes it optimal. I realize it's a huge macro-property which is why it's foolish to think you've found it without understanding it.

Nobody CARES if Thog didn't understand the chemical process of oxidation, he INVENTED FIRE!

Discovering something and understanding it are very different things. Using your analogy, Thog has claimed things like wood catch fire because they float which explains why rocks don't catch fire. It's rudimentary and not even wrong. That's what we have here.

What I don't know about epigenetic is how this stuff gets transferred to kids if not through the DNA.

it is transferred through DNA but the DNA is only activated under certain conditions.

Comment Re:Armchair heroics (Score 2) 373

Everyone SAYS they want cleaner air, less pollution, and to stop global warming. They just want everyone else to stop consuming so they don't have to.

There is a social psychology where people are only willing to change/sacrifice if people around them are doing the same. This is why we need individuals that will get the ball rolling and why we need entertainment media to put a lot of positive emphasis on things that are good for the environment without being so extreme as to alienate the audience. If every home makeover show included changing homes over to solar and battery then you would have a lot more people doing the same.

Behavior (both social and individual) is based on feedback loops, so the stronger the feedback the faster the change.

Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 1) 265

Because I'd define intelligence as how fast you can internalize new rule-sets and data. ie, how fast you learn stuff.

Alright, now you have to identify the specific mechanisms that cause that to be true and determine if it's cellular, structural or something else completely. You then need to identify which genes cause that cellular/structural/etc behavior to be exhibited.

I think we should broach every possible issue.

Sure, there is no problem with looking into the matter but unless you are getting to the actual root cause any conclusions about intelligence that you draw are going to be premature and ethically questionable at best.

no perfect test exists

No perfect test exists because you haven't really defined what you are looking for and then found what causes that specific behavior at the lowest level. You need to approach this from the viewpoint that people are complex machines rather than simple mechanisms that have degrees of "smartness".

And while correlation does not imply causation. The fact that the genes come first kinda lends weight to that argument.

Sounds like you don't know about epigenetics.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 105

I understand the sentiment, though I disagree with it. "Trump == BAD || Trump == OTHERPARTY" so let's do all we can to delegitimize the election."

You've jumped to a conclusion. Defcon is about exposing weaknesses for fun and has no political affiliations.

Comment Re:didn't you get the memo (Score 3, Informative) 265

You're not allowed to talk about the possibility of there being a genetic basis for variations in intelligence.

The real problem here is that this is no absolute definition for intelligence because it's a quality. There is a lot of neuroscience that needs to be done before we should even broach the issue of genetic associations because "intelligence tests" are no more than crude attempts to quantify this quality that we cannot define.

And remember, correlation does not imply causation.

Comment Success depends on simplicity (Score 2) 50

Using DNA for data storage is a real possibility but what they need to do more than anything is to simplify the encoding and decoding so that it is both speedy and more importantly, costs next to nothing. What this really means is building complex molecular machines which is something we have yet to manage. It might take 50 years before we manage to figure out how make complex molecular machines but the result will be amazing in the same way that graphics rendering thought up 50 years ago is amazing on modern GPUs.

Submission + - Prenda Law attorney disbarred (

lactose99 writes: One of the original copyright trolls finally got their comeuppance. From TFA: "John L. Steele, a Chicago lawyer who pled guilty to perjury, fraud and money laundering resulting from alleged "honeypot" schemes, has just been disbarred by an Illinois court." John L. Steele, as you may know, is one of the principals of Prenda Law, a notorious copyright troll who has been featured on /. several times. The article goes on to describe how the Prenda lawyers used honeypot-like tactics to trick people into downloads and then subsequently scammed them for copyright violations.

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