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Comment Task specific (Score 1) 202

As long as neural networks continue to be task specific, there will still be a need for programmers as we know them today. Neural networks are good for interfacing with fuzzy problems (e.g. object discrimination) which we have relied on humans to do in the past but they are generally useless for designing systems. Maybe if we chain enough neural network subsystems together, we can finally create a general intelligence but that's not even a certainty. Without a general intelligence, we'll still need humans to make software for humans.

Comment Re:This is absolute bullshit (Score 1) 61

So right now it's limited to telemetry downlink packets. How long until they allow these parties to see the video downlink? How long until they let them take over the command and control uplink?

That's entirely dependant on how much parties are willing to pay for access. It's money, it's always money.

Comment Re:Well, then... (Score 3, Insightful) 194

So who can we trust, then? Symantec? McAfee? Windows Defender? Please. It looks like we either have to swallow the fact we're going to be entertaining uninvited guests or we'll have to try to live without our security blankets.

You can't trust Microsoft to start with, so stop using their products. Linux or one of the BSDs are far more trustworthy.

Windows is your "security blanket", not the AV product.

Comment Re:The problem isn't Russian ads influencing elect (Score 2) 345

The problem is lazy, disengaged, stupid voters who vote the way Facebook tells them to. Banning Russian ads (or corporate ads, or any other kind of political ads) won't change this.

No, the problem is that the current US voting system mathematically favors only having two candidates on the ballot. Another problem is that campaign financing gives a significant amount of influence to the rich on who will be the party candidate which allows them to only have representatives that favor their interests.

And the sore loser Democrats know this. They don't want to change how it all works.

Actually, neither side wants this to change because the current system gives them a stranglehold on power.

They just want to change who gets to manipulate the voter.

The Kremlin has an opposing interest, isn't this the lesser evil?

If we want to actually change how things work on the state and federal level then we need to start demanding change at the local level.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 2) 345

I bet the "tens of thousands" of dollars spent was really successful, considering that Clinton and surrogates spent 1.5 Billion influencing her electoral failures.

But yeah, keep on blaming the Russians for her loss, because that totally happened!

This isn't about who won or lost, it's about another country interfering with our nation. The goal of Russia has been to destabilize other nations for their own gain. You are either being disingenuous or just ignorant if you refuse to or do not realize these were highly targeted advertisements.

This is about information warfare.

Comment Re:What other OS can we use instead? (Score 2) 255

Linux isn't really an option, especially with so many distros including systemd. I hate to say this, but I've found Windows 10 to boot more reliably for me than the versions of Debian and Ubuntu that use systemd!

Umm... you do know there are distros that don't use Systemd, right? Hell, some were created specifically to NOT use Systemd.

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