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Comment Re:Why not wind? (Score 1) 191

They won't ever need to take 'the other system' down. It's modular. You can swap components out on the fly. One of the reasons they ditched the diesel was that it was too unreliable. Batteries are the backup now, 3 days worth of backup in fact. Integrating wind into the system would undoubtedly make it incredibly robust, but would be crazy overkill.

Comment Re:Always question a study... (Score 1, Funny) 312

Read the first line of the article: "ALL electronic cigarettes emit harmful chemicals..."

Not a smart idea to base your argument on the assumption that these laboratories are putting the ejuice through some 'extreme' conditions. The fact of the matter is that the tobacco companies just put these devices on the market with no scientific testing, but with the subtle marketing campaign that they were 'safer'. Now that the science is coming in, we're discovering that these devices are not as harmless as their devotees would like to believe.

Submission + - North American city record of 46% wind power integration. (

Socguy writes: The city of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, achieved the highest level of wind power integration in North America at 46%. It has achieved this remarkable feat through the creation and utilization of a smart grid that controls thermal storage in hot water heaters and furnaces within community homes.

Submission + - Harvard professor writes post admitting he was wrong about solar power (

Socguy writes: The Keith group has posted an expert analysis basically saying that their 2008 and 2011 projections were wrong. In those papers the group projected that the cost of solar had a 50% chance to drop to $0.03/W by 2030. In the most recent analysis they note that the current unsubsidized cost of PV in optimal locations is $0.04/W and could easily be $0.02/W by 2020 making solar the cheapest source of electricity on the planet. http://www.keith.seas.harvard....

Submission + - Lithium-ion batteries that last a lifetime (

Socguy writes: A typical Lithium-ion battery breaks down badly between 5000-7000 cycles. Researchers at the University of California may have discovered a simple way to build a Lithium battery that can withstand 100,000+ cycles.

This was a serendipitous discovery as the researcher was playing around with the battery and coated it in a thin gel layer. The researchers believe the gel plasticizes the metal oxide in the battery and gives it flexibility, preventing cracking.

Comment Re:I know it when I see it (Score 1) 527

I get what you're saying but respectfully I would argue that the criteria for determining what you really believe is not all that hard to define.

If someone really believes something then it should have an impact on how they behave in the world. If folks who say they believe in something don't actually do anything that such a belief might lead them to do, even something as simple as showing up a building to discuss their faith on a semi regular basis, then we have no evidence that such a belief is real, yet we have ample evidence to suggest that they don't actually believe.

Comment Re:Supreme Court has already ruled on this (Score 1) 527

I would assume that it's correct that the freedom to believe whatever you want has been ruled on and should be enshrined in the constitution. When/if this goes to the supreme court, the question will be weather or not people actually believe in the tenets of something clearly intended as satire.

Maybe they will find an earnest believer or two, but if they do, how are the rest of the 'practitioners' going to react when they realize that they're promoting what has become a real religion?

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