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Comment Mafiaboy (Score 1) 164

Mafiaboy (Michael Calce) is the highschool kid from Montreal Canada who took down Yahoo, Amazon, Dell, Etrade, Ebay and CNN in 2000. He was arrested by the RCMP and prosecuted. In 2001, he was sentenced to eight months of "open custody", a year's probation, a fine, and restrictions to his use of the internet. Reader's Digest did an interview with him recently (Last year or two)

Battlefield Heroes Goes Into Open Beta 43

EA Digital Illusions CE has quietly opened up the beta of Battlefield Heroes, their long-delayed, free-to-play shooter. After gradually scaling up the number of players in the closed beta, they've now made the game available to everyone and lifted the NDA. EA has not yet mentioned this in an official announcement, probably hoping to keep their servers from being overwhelmed. The game's website is now accepting signups. IGN ran a hands-on preview of Battlefield Heroes back in April.

Comment Chimney top generator (Score 1) 695

After the Quebec ice storm 10 years ago, when much of the provence was left without power for weeks, some engineering students at McGill developed a small generator that runs off the waste heat that goes up the chimney. The generator was enough to power the furnace blower, and one radio. Last I heard, they had hoped to increase the efficiency to the point where they could run a fridge off it as well. Given 10 years, I'm sure it's in production somewhere.

Submission + - no longer supports foreigners

skogula writes: Anyone who does not live in the United States, no longer has access to the music service. Instead, everyone is re-directed to which gives the following text Dear Pandora Visitor, We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for most listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. We believe that you are in Canada (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at If you are a paid subscriber, please contact us at and we will issue a pro-rated refund to the credit card you used to sign up. If you have been using Pandora, we will keep a record of your existing stations and bookmarked artists and songs, so that when we are able to launch in your country, they will be waiting for you. We will be notifying listeners as licensing agreements are established in individual countries. If you would like to be notified by email when Pandora is available in your country, please enter your email address below. The pace of global licensing is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our service everywhere. We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Sincerely, Tim Westergren Founder

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