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Wisconsin Designates State Microbe 102

Hugh Pickens writes "The NY Times reports that state legislators in Wisconsin raced against the clock to pass a bill designating Lactococcus lactis as Wisconsin's official state microbe. 'The first time I heard the idea, I thought, I've got more important things to do than spending my time honoring a microbe,' says Gary Hebl, a Democratic state representative who proposed the bill which, he says, would make Wisconsin the first state in the nation to grant such a designation, 'but this microbe is really a very hard worker,' added Hebl, referring to the bacterium supported by the Department of Bacteriology at UW — Madison used to make cheddar, Colby, and Monterey Jack cheese. The proposal faced only one detractor in committee ('the opponent was clearly lactose-intolerant,' says Hebl), and there was no sign of a last-minute campaign from other bacteria, so by evening, the Assembly had approved the measure, 56 to 41. In case there were any doubts about Wisconsin's priorities, a separate bill also awaits consideration in Madison, declaring cheese Wisconsin's state snack."

Comment Re:Kids love the lack of reality... (Score 1) 187

Depends what game you are playing. But the very nature of FPS means you can't really have "the real thing". Well, you could go train to be a special forces soldier, but that kind of means you give up everything else in your life just to experience real(istic) combat. The next best thing is a decent FPS. MW2 is not one of those. A direct hit with a decent-sized bullet should knock you down, and make you bleed to death quickly, unless it hit you in a vital place whenby you would die instantly. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Comment Re:Bad news (Score 1) 325

Obviously they wouldn't have succeeded if the Russians weren't giving them shitloads of resources.

And there wouldn't have been a war at all if we hadn't given many times more resources to the French and then propped up the failing democratic movement.

The Vietnamese people did not want the style of government we were trying to force on them, and they would have died to the last man getting us out. The same is true of everywhere else we stick our tanks with "Don't Tread On Me" bumper stickers.

Comment Re:A fools errand (Score 1) 443

Oh no, they'll still continue playing both sides of the street.

When a new movie or song comes out and they want to generate interest, "some unscrupulous employee" will still "leak" an early version. Of course they'll never prosecute "unscrupulous employee" because it was an "accident" and if pushed they'll simply argue that they were completely within with their right to leak it on the torrents as it was their's to leak, but not your's to download. When pushed that the whole thing is a honeypot, they will drop the claim and we'll mysteriously never hear of it again. Amazing how that happens while the content industry manages to not be a cartel. I guess they are really just smart, honest, really, really good people.

Comment Emulating Reality (Score 1) 187

Talk about emulating reality. The diamonds and emeralds are an ASCII relic, while the blue hedgehog is a CGA relic. We inherited these game artefacts because of our limitations in emulating reality. Give it time - the creativity will return, and when it does, it will probably be mind blowingly beautiful.

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