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Comment Re:Confusion (Score 1) 550

There is a downside to multi-compartment pill containers: it's not practical to determine what is in each compartment.

For example, when you go into hospital (in the UK, at least), you are expected to take your medicine with you. This helps the doctors and pharmacists get an accurate drug history - especially if you're not compliant with what your doctor has prescribed.

If all your pills are in a multi-compartment box, they can't be reliably identified, their quality can't be assured, and they have to be discarded - even if your prescription hasn't changed.

(It also assumes that you know which day of the week it is, and can figure out the time of day - probably not much of an issue for the slashdot crowd, but for those with aging parents, it's something to bear in mind)

Comment Re:No it's not. (Score 1) 341

Ah! I've never visited your fine country, I was going off the wikipedia article.

Damn you, wikipedia! They told me not to trust you, I should have listened! I should have listened *sob*

Comment Re:My biggest annoyance - hard to find my old comm (Score 2) 2254

Took some hunting, but found it eventually:

1. Go to the front page, find your Account link on the right hand side - you can't use those stupid ajaxy boxes, there's no option there. That should take you through to:

2. Under "Discussions", click "Viewing"

3. Click on the button saying "Switch to classic discussion system D1"

Hope that's helps!

Comment Re:slow network? (Score 3, Informative) 364

Section in their terms and conditions says that if they introduce a change which "is of material detriment" to you, you can terminate your contract without charge.

Now, what exactly does "material detriment" mean? I'm guessing T-Mobile's lawyers are sufficiently competent that it will not mean "I just signed up for a 24 month contract which I can cancel but keep my new phone" as I hope it does.

Even if it means exactly that, I bet they won't give me time to port my number.

Comment Re:Plenty (Score 3, Interesting) 159

But isn't there a risk with this whole USB-virus-scanner thing that if a computer is infected, you can't be sure that your scanner is being read and executed correctly? If the OS you're scanning is infected, the malware could be monitoring for clamwin.exe etc and running its own version, or intercepting the important IO calls. I know if I was writing a virus and wanted to take control of as many computers as possible, one of the first things I'd do would be to make it look like my virus wasn't there.

Surely the only way to really scan a computer is by booting into a guaranteed-clean OS? And even then, isn't there a risk that firmware could be compromised? Or am I just being way too paranoid?

Comment Re:but I thought HTML was supposed to fix all that (Score 1) 347

Exactly. If you start developing for and/or specifying a browser, let alone ridiculous point versions, you're doing it wrong. Just look at what has happened with organisations needing to keep IE6 running so they can continue to access their intranet. No. Just don't do it.

If you absolutely have to control how it looks when you're printing, get your server-side application to spit out an image or a PDF.

But something about this sounds like you're doing it wrong on a more fundamental level. It sounds like this is for a closed corporate network? If that is the case, and you're trying to build something that looks like a desktop application, that feels like a desktop application, and which prints like a desktop application, maybe you should actually be building a desktop application?

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 574

Yeah, I'd have thought this was pretty trival. A lot of files have some kind of signature that identifies what type of file they are, often in plain text at the start of the file. This would presumably make basic filtering based on file contents pretty easy - ie if it starts with 'PK' and has binary content, I'd be guessing it's a zip. And if it starts with GIF, PNG or JFIF I'll be forwarding it to my special private server.

The only excuse for a file filtering program not to do this would be that the mail server was under too much load to MIME-decode and examine each attachment - but then most corporate mail servers will be running virus scanners which will need to do this anyway, so that's a pretty weak argument.

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