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Comment Re:Big, brittle, with irreplacable battery, I supp (Score 1) 55

"It's nice that your current phone doesn't need a battery replacement after a couple of years but I'd rather have the option because I don't know if mine will."

At some point though, its like insisting your car should still have a manual crank start because you don't trust the battery + starter motor.

Comment Re:Too harsh IMHO. (Score 1) 420

"Involuntary manslaughter is an appropriate charge for the swatter"

I tend to agree that does seem appropropriate. And for the purposes of sentencing, as aggravating factors I'd note the lack of real remorse, and the fact that he has done this several times.

"ALSO the appropriate charge for the shooting officer is Murder 2."

Based on my understanding of the facts I'd argue for a charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Comment Re:Too harsh IMHO. (Score 1) 420

"What if there actually HAD been a genuine hostage situation"

Then calling in the incident wouldn't have been a felony. And the callers intent wasn't to send a team of amped up armed police into a situation that didn't exist.

"Just why does it make any difference in either situation?"

Because the intent of the peole involved always matters.

"NOW would you agree the SWAT team at fault?"

I never suggested the SWAT wasn't at fault. In your scenario they'd be soley at fault. In the actual scenario both are at fault.

Comment Re:Too harsh IMHO. (Score 4, Insightful) 420

If you rob a 7-11 at gun point, and the clerk pulls a gun in self defense and accidently shoots a bystander, not only might you get charged with murder the clerk might not be.

If someone dies as a result of a crime you committed, you can be charged with murder.

In this case, the 'prank' was to commit a felony by intentionally reporting a false alarm. For the express purpose of having an armed force dispatched into a private residence, and to maximize their tension by leading them to believe they were likely going into an extremely volatile situation with an armed murderer.

"He didn't pull the trigger."

So fucking what? What's next? You'll be telling me that mafia bosses who send thugs to intimidate people aren't responsible for any injuries or deaths that result...

Comment Re:19 Gal/day is not out (Score 1) 341

"I actually recycle my shower gray water. It is in fact easy to do correctly. We redid about 10 feet of plumbing to include a second outlet from our drain."

So you decide when to reclaim or not? Because I just know this would bite people in the ass the day they wash out the red dye in their hair and send it straight into the washing machine with their whites... :/

Comment Re:Big, brittle, with irreplacable battery, I supp (Score 1) 55

"Capt obvious here: Lengthening the battery life is good but does nothing to help the problem of batteries holding less charge over time. In the end a battery replacement is still necessary if you want to use the same phone for more than 2 years."

That's just it, no you don't. Because my S3 barely made it through a day when it was brand new, it needed a new battery the 2nd year, before my contract with it was even over, the loss of half an hour meant I wasn't even getting through the work day, let alone having any charge in the evening.

Because the S5 comfortably lasted a day and half or so, even losing a couple hours hasn't been an issue, its over 4 years old now and my wife is using it; on the original battery, and it's still fine because it still easily lasts the full day and beyond. So, by lasting longer its directly address the need for replacement.

And the S7 is even better.

"I personally keep my phones until they break..."

Sure. Me too at least if you count 'hand me downs' within the family. But its at the point now, where I might have to replace one battery one time after 4-5 years to get another 4-5 years, that's easily the device life.

"having user replaceable batteries is something I value a lot."

And that's just it, why? As long as its not a ridiculous project to replace, then it it's an hour of your time the one or two times you replace it, or it costs $10-15 have the guy you bought it from replace it for you while you wait in 15 minutes.

Why should you put a lot of value on being able to swap a battery? If its something you'll do once every 4 years and costs $10-15 bucks... its just not that big of a deal.

Sure if you run through multiple batteries a day, that's one thing. (But there are external power packs and battery-cases that probably would suit you better if that's your need.)

But if you are demanding user replaceable batteries and dramatically limitting your choice of phones, just to save $10 four years from now? That doesn't really make a ton of sense.

Comment Re:So much DRAMA ! (Score 1) 93

I said only that it could be tamed to be reasonable to use. Cortana's default settings of nagging me to use it to ask about sports scores, and then sending queries out to the web, and returning celebrity gossip from bing and microsoft store app and game suggestions when i want to search for a locally installed app or document while im working is actually distracting and obnoxious to use. I am focused on a task, and Cortana actively tries to distract me with frivolous SHIT. If Cortana was a human PA I'd fire her.

The fact that the settings app is reporting back to microsoft how many people are using the 'dark' theme vs the 'light' them, and how many people are using the 150% scaling etc and other telemetry stuff like that -- its obnoxious that they don't make it trivial to completely opt out, but its not actively ruining the experience of using the software; and its more obectionable on principle rather than causing me actual harm.

Comment Re:Big, brittle, with irreplacable battery, I supp (Score 2) 55

ok... looks like the rugby's available are old stock, that would explain the difficulty getting it and the old android version. Guess its been a few years since I looked at them.

Samsung's successor looks to be something like the S8 Active, which hits a lot of your specs... although the battery may not be replaceable. It is pretty waterproof though.

I watched a video on the replacement process..

Its not bad, and I've done harder repairs. Plus where I live the little cellphone shops will replace the battery in most phones while you wait for an extra few bucks. So for me, a replaceable battery isn't as crucial.

Plus the new batteries and phones are simply much better. My S3 to S5 was like night and day as the S3 barely got through a day, and then my S5 to S7 was another big step, where the S5 comfortably got a day, the S7 usually gets me close to 2 days. So my need for replaceable batteries and battery replacements has dropped off a cliff. But that's me...

That said, if replacing the battery is your #1 feature, there are other phones from other makers that would be better.

Comment Re:So much DRAMA ! (Score 2) 93

Agreed. I run windows 10 on most of my pcs at home and at work. (not all. I do have linux and my laptop is OSX) but most of my systems are 10.

It can be tamed to be reasonable pretty easily. But it's inexcusable that they've gone so far out of the way to make those settings in-accessible. Group policy editor + service manager + powershell?!! When you used to be able to change the cortana setting that controlled whether it searched the web right in the cortana settings gear in cortana?

That's some pretty arrogant bullshit.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 3, Informative) 232

Well to be fair, it sounds like he's looking for something smaller than a 'small laptop', but the reality is you are correct. that market has pretty much died out.

Last I checked there's still some hybrid-tablet stuff with detachable keyboards in the even smaller space, but they're finicky at best.

His best bet is to get a ~13" laptop from dell or something and call it a day.

Comment Re: Proposition Bet (Score 1) 96

I know of a woman who did that. Her oven burned out. (didn't catch fire or anything, just killed itself.)

More on point, if for example you could remotely turn ovens and burners on, you definitely will start fires *somewhere*... Lots of people leave flammable stuff on or near the stove / oven when its not in use; especially in really small kitchens... where it often doubles as 'counter space'. Or people will leave dirty / greasy pans in the oven, or pizza boxes.... just do a web search for pictures of messy kitchens, then imagine turning the stove on in each of them...

Comment Re:Proposition Bet (Score 1) 96

With enough home automation and internet connected nonsense and some hacking we should be able to devise ways to start fires. Overload an electric car charging system, or remotely operate a stove or oven or furnace, or other system. Lots of these devices are designed to fail safely, but with internet connectivity and computer controls and not being designed to cope with malicious deliberate hacking attempts I'm sure there's stuff out there that you could reprogram to fail badly.

And just think of the gas lighting you could do with this home automation stuff. You could have people thinking the home was completely haunted with a hacked system, or have them think they are crazy, or drive them crazy... with subtle malicious activity that isn't too overtly obvious.

Comment Re:I knew it! (Score 1) 71

"Nothing to do with immigrants. Trump just doesn't want his family members cloud accounts searchable when they cross the border." ... is what I would say if I wanted to somehow associate it with Trump.

In all liklihood this has nothing to do with Trump and has probably been percolating up through the system for a while now and has nothing to do with any president past or present.

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