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Comment Re: Double Down (Score 1) 182

I'll be able to get a bit more of a pulse, in the next couple of weeks. I intend to ask a few people about it and I belong to a business association, which should give me some insight. I've never really considered it.

Where I live, to be a bit more specific, there is no town. Literally, I do not live in a town. I live in an unincorporated township - there's six residences that are occupied all year. There's a number of camps. There's no postal service, no stores, no anything. I like it...

However, there's a 10k population town about 1.25 hours from here. So, that's where my information will come from. If you remember, feel free to ask me about it. I'll *try* to remember to share what I find with you, if you want. I'm really quite curious.

Comment Re:More to the story (Score 3, Informative) 287

There's almost always 2 sides of the story, and Snopes isn't doing themselves any favors failing to acknowledge the other side's grievances. I'd sure want to understand the big picture here before donating.

Yup. No mention of the party, the contract details, etc. Just "give us money to file a lawsuit". It's hard for us to figure out what's really going on, especially because they used a Private Registration service. I really encourage people to never do that except for small non-commercial websites.

They apparently have 14 people on staff - this is a small business but not a mom & pop that could easily be running on the razor's edge.

Rating: partly true.

Comment Stop Supporting the Liars (Score 2, Informative) 282

Use the "labor force participation rate" metric, not "unemployment". Unemployment is subject to "definitions", which are political by definition.

UK looks to be at 79%. It still doesn't account for people who have been bumped down from full-time to part-time to decrease regulatory costs, but it's the best number you'll get from people whose job it is to lie about how great the numbers are.

Comment "it appeared to look at a user's code and insert" (Score 1) 79

The summary is a bit unclear. The phrasing of "it appeared to look at a user's code and insert links to related pages on Kite's website." reads as if the tool is inserting adware into the projects on which it's used. Indeed, this phrasing is straight from the article. But upon closer reading, it seems the ads are in Minimap's interface as used by the developer. This is a bad thing, but it's not nearly as bad as inserting adware into the projects your users are shipping.

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