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Comment Re:What news? (Score 1) 7

Yes, I seldom see anything important in the newspaper that they don't cover on TV news. It's also why I vastly prefer CBS's morning news than GMA, GMA has maybe fifteen minutes of news, with the rest unimportant nonsense like celebrities, TV shows (ABC's, of course), sports stars.

Why in the hell should Venus Williams' car crash matter to me?

Comment Re:Don't forget craigslist (Score 1) 7

Yes, the linked article says a third of their revenue comes from classifieds, a third from other ads, a third from sales. But historically, classifieds have had far more real estate and automobile ads, and other ads that work better locally.

Comment Re:I never had that problem (Score 1) 12

The need for unicode concerns copy & paste, not making emojis. I'll test it, before it didn't mangle unicode in preview, but when you hit the "submit" button is when it got mangled.

If the following isn't mangled, they fixed it:

The green fur on Tubarkâ(TM)s neck stood on end as her hairy, tentacled arm with its seven tentacled fingers pointed to the bright afternoon sky. âoeDo you see that?â she exclaimed. All four of her eyes stared at the sky as her hairy tail drooped and the feathers on her forehead stood up.
        âoeYes. What was it?â
        âoeI think it is a dragon, as in ancient tales. We think they are only in stories, but maybe dragons are real?â
        Targov shook her head. âoeIt cannot be. This must be a dream. Or it is something we know not of. Come, we need to see The Elder.â

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Journal Journal: Gone Again!

As always, if slashdot has borked the text, just go here.
She was gone again, shortly before my elderly cat died. I refer to my muse, of course.
I looked everywhere I could think of, to no avail. Stolen again? I went for a walk, on the lookout for that aged black aged Lincoln with that blonde and that brun

Comment Re:The 3 Laws (Score 1) 7

I should have it posted in a day or two. Both translations will be there (the Australian one is better, but still not good enough as it has a fax, which wouldn't be invented for decades).

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 47

He's cut funding for the State Department, making the entire world less safe. He's cut the EPA budget to the bone, and I remember rolling up the windows in 95F degree heat when driving past Monsanto because the air burned your lungs. I remember rivers catching fire. I remember leaded gasoline and paint.

Trump is destroying the US.

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Journal Journal: Rossum's Universal Robots 7

Slashdot has probably borked the text although it looks fine in preview. A non-borked version is at my blog.
Half a century ago I was reading a book by Isaac Asimov. I don’t remember what book, but I know it wasn’t I, Robot because I looked last night and it wasn’t in that book. But in the book, whichever one it was, Dr. Asimov wrote about the origin of the word “robot”; a story by K

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