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Comment Re:Clinton smoking gun posts are the worst (Score 1) 399

I don't think he's a Hillary plant. I think he's exactly what he appears to be. A very low substance narcissist. It explains why he's been unable to take his undeserved success and parlay it to the general election numbers. It would have taken some extreme foresight to plan this out and expect him to secure the GOP nomination on his fact-free platform.

Comment Re:No guns to fags (Score 1) 660

It's interesting that you vouch for all of the other members of your group. How can you be sure that the interest in heavy weapons isn't research for the next mass killing? Also what's stopping the next killer from copying and pasting your safe/patriotic excuse for owning and using weapons frequently?

Comment I take a quick video and some pics (Score 1) 482

I take a 30 second video and a few snapshots when I go to concerts. Mainly just to have it in my gallery so I can remember it better in the future. I have no problem skipping this activity if the artist/venue doesn't approve. I think doing more would be likely to upset those around me. Probably there are some that think my amount is too much. It does make me nuts when people record the whole time.

Comment Re:Permissions (Score 1) 278

Need is a really strong word, nobody even needs a "phone" in the true sense of the word. There are dozens of apps I actually use. Communications, Navigation, Network tools, SSH Client, Remote Access, Home automation/security, Music/Video subscription apps (mostly for casting), Camera and Video capture and editing, Cloud sync/backup, Weather.

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