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Comment Where are the rational political movements? (Score 1) 1021

This case makes me feel even more politically isolated. Trump is the worst president ever in every category. Congress is barely functional. People on all sides increasingly just subscribe to blanket agendas and fail to consider the details. I am on the left as far as general thinking and agenda goes, but there is way to much behavior like we see here among this group. It's obvious that this wasn't an a reasonably presented argument about the companies policies rather than the "anti-diversity rant" it has been made out to be.

Comment Another Anecdote (Score 1) 328

I "slipped a disk" a few years back and the traditional medical care I received was misguided and useless except for the part where they referred me to PT. I'm really glad I did not opt for surgery! The PT guy quickly massaged and manipulated me into alignment and gave me exercises. Worked faster and better than the medicine and despite a few setbacks actually solved the problem. In my experience with back injury it was traditional medicine that was a scam and money grab.

Comment Republicans cannot be worked with. (Score 0) 167

They are not arguing about whether climate change is real or not or what we should do about it. They're trying to bury the facts so we can't make an educated decision about it. These people are behaving like enemies as they execute a major money and power grab. They are not advocates and the voters are too blinded by rage to figure this all out.

Comment Re:That's stupid. (Score 1) 258

In Massachusetts the majority of roads outside urban areas are curvy and hilly 2 lane roads with low speed limits. The low speed and relative lack of cross traffic on these roads makes a fatal collision much less likely. Compare to SC which has a flat grid. Straight roads with frequent 4 way intersections are much more dangerous.

Comment Good driving (Score 1) 186

Taking into account more of the available information, just not the car directly in front is just simply good driving whether it's a human or an AI vehicle. Happy to see this working in practice at least this time on a Tesla. One of the reason I hate riding with most drivers is that it seems very common to give driving only a minimal amount of attention and focus.

Comment Re:You're being silly (Score 1) 425

Seems like a question that is varies greatly by region. Northern New England, especially Vermont, is home to liberals who are gun owners and right supporters but to a lesser degree than the GOP and NRA. I think one of the biggest factors is we don't use guns for shooting each other much, so the level of anger and fear is much lower than it is elsewhere.

Comment Partisan opinions (Score 2) 361

It appears that most of the comments here are coming from people who are heavily invested in one political party or another. If your answer is yes, because Hillary is corrupt or no because Trump is so bad, you are missing the important part of the question.
It's not ideal to have a foreign power or other non-altruistic entity manipulating media for political purposes. There's nothing stopping such a group from cherry picking which "truths" to publish in order to further an agenda. The timing of these releases, which appear to be attempting maximum impact, and our inability to view the entire source material supports those fears and in my view implicate wikileaks as a partisan entity rather than an altruistic whistleblower tool.

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