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Comment As long as... (Score 4, Interesting) 175

As long as they keep the SE in the current form factor. The SE is basically the only iPhone that has good price/value ratio. I had the philosophy of getting my wifes old iPhone when she gets the latest model every two years. Last one she got was a 7 and, as such I got her old 6. Never again. These phones are so thin, I basically let it slip all the time, and within two weeks I let it fall, shatter the screen and TouchId was ruined too. Third party repair was so-so, and a half functioning phone sucks. So, I ponied up for the cheapest SE, getting back the 5 form factor. I couldn’t be happier. First time in over 10 years, I actually paid for a new phone.

Comment Re:Scaring (Score 1) 358

I thought the entire point of Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change was to scare us?

I can't even fathom the level of confusion needed to come to that conclusion. What would scaring us achieve? Either there is AGW, in which case we need to do something about it, or there isn't, in which case there isn't anything we can do about it.

And that any attempt to minimize the fear was being a denier of settled science?

No. Attempting to pretend the consequences of AGW are less than the settled science says is generally considered being a denier, but minimizing the fear is not, by itself, evidence of being a denier as long as you stick to the science.

Maybe you should turn off Fox News, remove your Breitbart bookmark, and listen to what scientists are actually saying rather hearing it third hand from people who know nothing about it?

Comment Re:I Wouldn't. (Score 1) 291

That doesn't make sense. That's like saying Donald Knuth is as stupid as I am because I can understand quite a few things he's famous for. Or it's like saying Roald Dahl is a terrible writer because 6 year olds understand his novels.

Einstein pulled a lot of information and theories together to form insights into the workings of the universe that a 9 year old (probably) couldn't do. But that doesn't mean those insights can't be explained.

Comment Re:Emulator (Score 3, Informative) 152

Yup. For those who didn't grow up with this stuff: as an example, back in the 1980s, there were a lot of programs marketed as CP/M emulators, which worked with chips like the V30, a 8086 compatible chip that also could natively run 8080 software. The emulators emulated the CP/M API (BIOS and BDOS), not the CPU, allowing software for CP/M 2.x to run under MS DOS (and access the MS DOS file system.)

The misnomer that you can only use the term emulator for CPU emulation, and not API emulation, seems to be relatively new, I'm almost inclined to stay it started in this millennium.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 2) 258

There are good technical reasons why encouraging people to stream 6Gb video streams on modern cellular systems is not a good idea. I'm inclined though to suggest that if someone wants more than 1.5Mbps for continuous, non-bursty, bandwidth, the cellular companies should find a way to provide it, but charge that minority that needs it accordingly.

I suspect that most people, faced with a choice between $60/month wired, $60/cellular but with some applications reasonably throttled, and $200/mobile unthrottled, will prefer the two former choices. But sure, they should provide you with the $200 (probably more, just a ballpark figure) option.

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