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Comment Will never buy any Ubisoft game (Score 1) 52

Ubisoft games are notoriously spammy. Their obnoxious UPlay popups during games which you can't turn off, default cursor positions on DLC you don't own during menu navigation, fake in-game inbox full of notifications on DLC and promotional material, and start pages with promotional links you have to click through before actually getting to the proper game menu, what a shabby way to treat a customer who paid full price for their games.

Comment I've been looking for a good Linux tablet (Score 2) 96

This is nice, I have a Switch and would like to experiment with this, it has a powerful chipset.

I am looking for a good Linux tablet that is reasonably repairable and has a battery that isn't too hard to replace, but unfortunately a lot of common ARM Android tablets can't install Linux natively and seem to require a VM with VNC. There are also not many reviews of x86 tablets from a Linux perspective.

Maybe this will be with a look, it seems to perform well and support hardware features.

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