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Comment No it doesn't (Score 2) 233

Headline does not match summary. Windows Phones running 8.x are now unsupported, but Windows Phones running 10.x are still around and supported. Headline should be "Windows Phone OS 8.x unsupported as of today"

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 41

I'd say no personally and go with self-contained appliances that don't rely on any additional devices. They are the simplest and most reliable. Some people are compelled to experience everything through their phone for some reason and it's not worth any of the tracking/convenience, especially since you have to be vigilant about any private data going through your phone as it is.

Comment Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 41

Why did they have to reinvent the wheel and not iterate on the already established tech? Loyal users appreciate consistency, and hearing about something like this will make people stop considering the tech in general. Appliances that do something properly, reliably, and consistently will become renowned and gain a favorable image and strong recommendations.

The general populace don't want gadgets and gimmicks, but appliances. Developers need to learn that. The constant UI reworkings, functionality being shuffled in and out, it needs to stop. It's frustrating and stressful. There needs to be a damn good reason and an equally good plan for shepherding users if there are any significant changes to things like this.

Comment Console (Score 1) 143

I want a games appliance. I don't want to deal with troubleshooting. I also don't want the OCD experience of trying to optimize the games for my particular setup... And I know that if the options are there I won't be able to resist tweaking to see if maybe things couldn't be just a little better. If there is a slight framerate blip or a little hitch every 2-3 seconds that you can't get rid of no matter what, I can't stand it. But if it's on console, well that's just the way the game is (but anecdotally I haven't had this happen on console).

In addition sometimes on PC there are bugs or hitches that may rear their head unexpectedly or late in the game and prevent you from finishing. At least on console I know if the reviewer can finish it then so can I.

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