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Comment Not unique to the UK (Score 2) 308

It's a problem in every developed part of the world, as is proper disposal of e-waste. We simply can't keep this up.

I am buying as little as possible of both. Choosing foods that have as little packaging as possible, bringing my own container to the butcher, baker, resisting upgrading or buying gadgets as much as possible and finding people who can actually use my old stuff.

Comment Now if browsers would isolate resources (Score 2) 214

Now if only browsers would isolate resources from third party web sites so they can't scrape info from other parts of the page or grab keyboard/mouse input, and allow per-page access to certain hardware like mic/camera/filke system, then it would go much further.

Https stops ISPs and nodes from tapping info, but a lot of third parties end up with all of that anyway.

Comment Yeah right (Score 4, Insightful) 57

Just as PC is best known as the platform for pirates. Give me a break. Kodi is a great front end for PVRs and the best home theater software, for playing back your DVDs and BDs from a NAS, and streaming videos from various legal plugins for hosted content from good quality web sites like IGN and GiantBomb, as well as music and other broadcasts streamed online. Associating it with piracy is very incorrect, reductive, and an extreme disservice.

Comment Mi Band 2 (Score 1) 331

I like my Mi Band 2 because it allows me to set my phone aside and get only important notifications from my family (through the Mi Band Tools app where I can filter them).

Restricting my impulse to look at crap on my phone or browse the internet at all is important to me, I have to undo all of that bad training and this helps. It cost less than $40, battery lasts a month, and it helps me count steps and monitor heart rate when I exercise.

I hated watches before because I didn't want to always know what time it was (anxiety), and hated having anything on my wrist besides. But the advantages here have me wearing something again, and the on-demand screen is unobtrusive and I only see information when I want to.

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