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Comment Better for everyone (Score 1) 302

It won't fail. It's cheaper for OEMs to include and less things can go wrong on it. No more bonsai buddy toolbar cleanups etc. Harder for app piracy to take place. The publishers, users, and manufacturers will see it as a win.

The only people who will be upset are more hard core users, and they've shown much tenacity when it comes to putting up with the crap Windows throws at them. Windows' share is about the same even after Vista, Win8, and Win10 shenanigans, and die hards are sticking to Win7 come hell or high water.

I'm sure whoever gets stuck with 10 S is going to stick with it as well. (The S stands for Stockholm!)

Comment Re:How cute... (Score 1) 127

Well I totally agree, but they have always had this mindset and it seems baked into their vision, they seem to want to get there no matter how slowly. They've gotten this far and nobody's jumping. I imagine they'll try to cut a deal to allow other stores... Either that or some government/group is going to be upset that a store is tied into an OS... But that is why they're starting to ship it tied to a device, like the iTunes app store and Google Play store. It would probably be a long court battle and by then the damage would be done.

I mean you're right, the only reason they'd change course is if it hurts their bottom line... But with businesses and casuals being the only groups who make them money (people who use steam don't really) that's who they're targeting and trying to keep. They will (and have) put up with the exploitation and see the coming lockdown as a security and usability benefit.

Comment Re:In defense of Microsoft: (Score 1) 127

It's like a package manager but without the ability to choose repos, limiting software library or forcing you to side load or simply accepting risk of running unverified software. It also binds you to a single vendor. So it's a worse solution even for those who want it as there will be little competition for pricing.

Comment Re:How cute... (Score 1) 127

You're looking at it from your perspective for what you want, most Windows users are not like you, they're businesses that pay for expensive apps which will have no problems being available through Windows store, or home users that just use it for school and web browsing. Now for the users who are like you, they're still jumping through hoops to bend Windows to their will or stay on Windows 7, you guys are willing to put up with a lot, so they don't have to care about you. You'll always be there.

You're already saying you won't jump ship to Linux until your games are gone, which means you're still planning to stick with Windows. MS will continue to let you run Win32 on Pro versions of Windows, so you won't lose your steam library. However they will stop updating Win32, so games will naturally end up UWP and on the Windows Store, so Microsoft doesn't care. Once that happens, they will make it more annoying to run straight Win32 apps, forcing you to side load them, perhaps only allowing certain features such as Games Mode and Beam and other built in crap to work with UWP software, and sure you don't care about that but in the future it could mean forcing Win32 support through a separate VM controlled by hypervisor, effectively splitting Windows, and then let support for that wither off and die.

By then you'll be getting all your games through the Windows Store with the shift to UWP anyway, Win32 won't cut it anymore when its APIs no longer offer up to date security. MS will tell developers to switch to UWP if they want to use DirectX 13, and other patched and secure APIs (compared to the rotting Win32 ones anyway) and suddenly running non-Windows Store Win32 apps will be considered a liability.

Comment Reliability (Score 1) 757

At the time when laptops were made of plastic, had shitty screens, 2-3 hour battery life, shoehorning numpads on a cramped and badly arranged keyboard, at least 12 status LEDs blinding and distracting you as they blinked or changed state, came preloaded with crapware up the wazoo and recovery images without pure OS installs, terrible joystick/trackballs embedded in the keyboard, flimsy pop-out disc drives...

Of course I wanted a MacBook or MacBook Pro! These things were solid, powerful, had a long battery life, simple design but feature filled and did exactly what you needed.

No wonder everyone has cloned their design. Now I might buy a non-Apple laptop because others have the same design I like but also have removable batteries, and I don't care what OS it comes with because I just install Linux anyway, but Apple is still kind of the brain dead easy decision because I know there is a lot of support for Apple hardware if you like using Linux. With PC laptops it might be a crapshoot because there is more variation in chipsets and hardware support for your exact combination will be less likely.

Comment Re:How cute... (Score 1) 127

You're only speaking about a niche and that doesn't really apply to students. Windows is being geared towards end users the same way all other popular devices are these days.

The few power users and content creators will buy a more expensive version of Windows or simply use other OSes, but that last part is unlikely. Windows users are easy to push around and will put up with annoying moving targets like blocking Windows 10 updates and fiddling with the registry and command line, they also put up with crap like preferences reset to defaults with updates, pop up nags, forced annoyances like Cortana. Nobody is jumping ship and they all have a serious case Stockholm syndrome. They're not even looking at choices.

Plus, getting people at a young age used to not being able to use Steam or Origin or UPlay or Good Old Games will be to Microsoft's benefit, and force developers to consider releasing on the Windows Store, also to Microsoft's benefit.

Why would they change their current course?

Comment Re:The awful transformationz (Score 1) 49

Oh well, I just didn't have much fun with it, the last one I found fun was for DS. It started going off the rails for me with the 3DS entry and this seems like more in that direction. It's fine, I still enjoy the older games. I guess I just like different aspects than others do! I was very into perfecting a timed run of tracks in previous entries and attempting to do that in this game feels less rewarding, it seems almost pointless to play that way in this game.

Thanks for sharing your views I enjoyed reading it

Comment The awful transformationz (Score 1) 49

The awful transformations that suddenly turn a 3-4 lane road into open air w/jets or a huge body of water w/boats really lose the plot for me, throwing accuracy and skill out the window in favor of a fight to figure out where the fuck the track turns back into a road is very annoying.

Not to mention the rubber banding and royal clusterfuck of items constantly homing in on your car to spin you out is incredibly annoying. In older games each player might get one item per lap if they didn't miss it. Now it's constantly raining turtle shells.

In addition there's a huge selection of cars and wheels and other crap to choose from, you end up spending 10 minutes setting up the race and 3 minutes playing.

Crap IMHO. They turned something that demanded skill to progress into a crapshoot party game.

Comment If there's no place for terrorists to hide (Score 5, Insightful) 143

If there's no place for terrorists to hide then there's no place for *anyone* to hide, and that is unacceptable considering how valuable it is to hide from oppression or the abusers of the system used to ensure there are no hiding spots, those who operate the system are disproportionately advantaged and with access comes the capability of concealing themselves, censoring, framing content and concealing context, etc.

This idea is ridiculous and imbalanced off the bat.

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