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Comment Re:Well... at least it isnt a Populist move (Score 1) 904

Do you see the pattern there? 4 or 8 year terms. One comes in, does some bad stuff, gets removed. The successor is the popular choice (and B.O. was a popular choice in a mass-hysteria kind of way). No government is going to reduce their own power.

I don't think it really matters who comes in - as some say, they (reds and blues) are just two arms of the same body.

Comment Re:What the FUCK is this doing on Slashdot?!? (Score 1) 317

It's all about perceived and purported stereotypes:

Politics: boring!
Cinema: Fun!
Law: incomprehensible!
Soap operas: addictive!
Economics: complicated!
Reality TV: Best thing ever!

I reckon 'they' are quite happy with these stereotypes. It lets them run the world while the majority sit and absorb rubbish.

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