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Submission + - AMD Delivers DX11 Graphics Solution for under $100 (pcper.com)

Vigile writes: The new AMD Radeon HD 5670 launches today and it is the first graphics card to bring DirectX 11 support to the sub-$100 market and offers next-generation features to almost any budget. The Redwood part (as it was codenamed) is nearly 3.5x smaller in die size than the first DX11 GPUs from AMD while still offering support for DirectCompute 5.0, Eyefinity multi-monitor gaming and of course DX11 features (like tessellation) in upcoming Windows gaming titles. Unfortunately, performance on the card is not revolutionary even for the $99 graphics market though power consumption has been noticeably lowered while keeping the card well cooled in a single slot design.

Submission + - Lego Router (WRT54GL) (wordpress.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The successor to the Lego computer is the Lego router, a case for the Linksys WRT54GL made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Check out the blog for all the details on how it was built, and to download the plans to make your own!

Submission + - Smartphones receive holy blessing (timesonline.co.uk)

jeffmeden writes: Plow Monday is normally for blessing laborers and their tools; as the name suggests it is aimed at those that work the land. A church service in London, England Monday decided to go after a more modern audience: office workers and their modern communication gadgets. From the Times article: "The congregation at St Lawrence Jewry in the City of London raised their mobiles and iPods above their heads and Canon Parrott raised his voice to the heavens to address the Lord God of all Creation. 'May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible,' he said."

Comment Re:Is this legal? (Score 0) 243

It would be be illegal if the device cause "undesired" or "unintended" interference. Since interference is the point it's perfectly legal. And there really isn't anything that carriers could do about it short of amending their terms of service to prohibit it's use; they don't own the spectrum, they are licensed to operate inside it. I agree with the post below, the 1 watt or less rule applies here and you would not need a license to operate in the GSM spectrum.

Submission + - Geek Squad Wouldn't Honor Netbook's Warranty (consumerist.com)

supersloshy writes: The Consumerist reports an incident where an anonymous reader's netbook's protection plan was apparently voided when he installed Linux on it. "The manager of the Geek Squad informed me that installing Ubuntu Linux on my machine voided my warranty, and that I could only have it serviced if the original Windows installation was restored.", says the anonymous reader. However, his problem was because his "touchpad and power adapter had been broken", which is clearly a hardware issue. He re-installed Windows so he could have them repair his netbook, but they insisted that Linux caused the problem and kicked him out of the store.

Comment Re:Bad Commercial Breaks... (Score 0) 829

Agreed. I think the BSG miniseries was similarly commercial laden. BUT you know the SyFy execs knew that they were going to get a majority of the Stargate fan base all in one place at one time and had to capitalize on it. I'm sure they will loose many of them after this. I am NOT one of them and I will be interested to see where the story goes. Besides I needed something to watch on Friday nights besides Real Time.

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