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Comment Technology can't cure human nature (Score 2) 256

Gold, salt, silver, greenbacks, plastic, bitcoin. Take your pick, None of it cures society of thieves, bank robbers, or scoundrels. And anyone who guarantees your money is secure is probably complicit in its theft. There will always be ways to steal your coin. Bitcoin just limits who might steal it.

Comment Re:I agree... (Score 1) 279

but it's so damned tough that the people who excel at it will be good at almost anything.

I knew a waitress at Denny's that had a PhD in pH (Organic Chem) from Oxford University. She also really loved horses.

Only Denny's needed an equestrian chemist on graveyard shift.

She was our favorite waitress among the teenagers, way back then. So I concur with your assessment.

Comment Truthfesteroo Moscow! (Score 0, Offtopic) 398

I wonder if it will be written in German or Russian...or in prison English.

Perhaps a Truthfesteroo with Pussy Riot and Assange and (Ms.) Bradley Manning would be a fun......overseas, that is.

I'm glad they spoke out, but it sure sucks to be them right now. Its sucks for a lot of folks right now. So let's Truthfesteroo!

Comment Re:We need a workers government (Score 1) 465

Yeah. Its fairly obtuse information, nevertheless, its often overlooked. Nothing is ideal, or even close, but how we all deal with one another is more important than any particular set of rules. Our principles must apply to our choices. We uphold values - not doctrine, else we miss the point. A Bible, a Constitution, or a Policy is only as good or effective as the people who engage in it. Our values can be reflected in coping with any particular system. A golden age can emerge from anywhere, if we just cooperate.

Comment Re:We need a workers government (Score 1) 465

Communism can only be imposed by force and mass murder, because it's so completely incompatible with human nature.

That is not even close to factual.

I agree.

I was actually quoting the statement from further up the thread, but I lost the 'quote' tag.
Now I'm on the blacklist because of a typo.
I might as well learn to speak Russian.

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