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Comment Re:Use Windows 10 LTSB (Score 1) 156

While LTSB is great in the enterprise, it requires a higher priced VLK to get it. AFAIK it doesn't come with the standard VLK agreement, you have to have the next tier agreement which costs considerably more. I believe in Canadian dollars it's about 3x the amount of the OEM license that comes with a business PC.

Comment Re:About letting us choose everything? (Score 3, Interesting) 156

That's fine. Then prompt them every now and then to suggest it. Or give them the option to set it to automatically install at 3 AM.

The big problem here is that Microsoft took away a pile of options when they came out with Windows 8 / 10 and haven't learned their lesson. I have an all-in-one in my kitchen and regretted Windows 10 within a few weeks because I'd come down in the morning to read the news while having breakfast and it wanted to update or it was finishing an update from the last time it interrupted me. Or I'd use it in the evening around dinner time and it suddenly rebooted on me for the same reason. It seemed like it was constantly disrupting my ability to use the system because of updates, it was extremely frustrating and since I outright disabled the Windows Update service my life has been peaceful.

Innovative ideas for updates
- Allow you to schedule updates to occur at a specific time.
- Not interrupt you the next time you use your system if that specific time was missed.
- Allow you to update when you shut down your computer.
- Prompt you to update your computer every once in a while.

I believe if you upgrade to Windows 7 you can gain all of those features.

Comment Windows 10 Game Mode, code name "Windows 7"... (Score 1) 164

Microsoft is preparing it's release of Windows 10 Game Mode which has been in testing since 2009 under the code name "Windows 7". Testers have reported that this revolutionary new version of Windows will allow you to control the Windows Update experience, it won't download apps or transmit telemetry in the background, and it will have a menu that's easier to manage.

Comment Re:Providing an SJW platform is not a viable busin (Score 1) 284

It's interesting that you view "not being a horrific racist" as a political alignment.

Either you're intellectually dishonest or you're not aware of Twitter's shenanigans over the past year where they'd allowed horrifically racist commentary like "white people must die" or anti-Christian commentary yet banned the accounts of white people who communicated even the lightest of philosophical questions on race or religion.

It's either all racist or it's not. It's either all anti-religious or it's not. Twitter became a selective judge and jury as to what constituted as racist based on the race and/or religion of the source and target.

Maybe they've cleaned up their act since the summer, when you could easily find #BlackLivesMatters quotes that literally cried for the death of white people or from other groups crying for Allah to kill people... but the damage is already done. Twitter's actions stated 'this is who we are, this is who we support, this is who we don't support.'

Comment Re:Providing an SJW platform is not a viable busin (Score 1) 284

Explain how Trump exists so "bigly" on Twitter if it is such a rabid "SJW platform".

It's still used by celebrities, record labels, television shows, etc., to broadcast a message to the people that still effectively utilize said platform which, according to Edison Research last year, is 7% of the American population (which is what I assume you mean by 'bigly').

Comment Providing an SJW platform is not a viable business (Score 4, Insightful) 284

It's been clear to a number of us that Twitter's primary users are more on the social side of the spectrum, lean more to the left, are engaged more in arts and all that, but all of the news snippets over the past year or so seem to come out after the company articulated publicly that they are more or less an SJW platform, that they're going to selectively ban questionable comments under the guise of anti-racism, etc., etc.

Maybe I'm wrong but the timelines literally suggest that Twitter's failure was its political alignment rather than providing a neutral grounds for socializing.

Comment Re:"Kill all white people" are ok! (Score 1) 373

This was the first thing I thought about when I saw the title and figured that since this is a site driven by social involvement, I would see plenty of SJWs praising this decision. Fortunately my sanity is kept intact and Slashdot has proven the community hosts people with a clue.

What I want to know is whether or not the focus is on racist commentary or the EU focus itself is racist, against white people?

How long did the plethora of #BlackLivesMatters posts inspiring the literal death of white people stay intact while people like Milo had their accounts removed? I saw it for months despite white people who officially complained to Twitter. I wouldn't be surprised if they're still up there. A few minutes ago I could easily find "fuck white people" comments; Can you easily find the same comments attacking black people?

Comment Re:A UBI won't foster more jobs (Score 1) 917

It's a crock to suggest entrepreneurship is low with millennials because of low consumer confidence - it's low with millennials because of ideas like this, ideas that foster the poor work ethic that fails to drive millennials to move forward, ideas that an entrepreneur needs a safety net to be an entrepreneur. A common factor found in the biographies of famous entrepreneurs is a history of failed business attempts and living poor while trying to get their dream off the ground. The difference between then and now is that they didn't broadcast their failures on social media and blame everyone else. As someone with entrepreneurship in his blood I can tell you that consumer confidence doesn't dissuade us from taking risks and steamrolling ahead regardless of confidence levels felt by others. Later in life we may learn to interpret ideas like consumer confidence but even then, it probably won't stop us from trying.

Comment Re:Huh? But, Chromium may be what you're looking f (Score 1) 93

While your version of Chrome doesn't "include Facebook", there are other advertised-as 'slim' Chrome builds that have integrated functions that are not extensions one can disable similarly to this one.
I'll have to evaluate the difference between Chromium and Chrome as I'd just assumed one was an eventual stepping stone to the other with all these unwanted bits included. Thanks for the suggestion!

Comment Re:I'm astonished it took this long (Score 1) 90

Yea, I was surprised too. Here in my city there's a buy and sell group on Facebook with something like 11,000 people and there's dudes regularly selling different 'android boxes for free TV', touting how people can watch movies in theatres with the simple click of a remote. I've heard from plenty of people over the last year or so that they're cutting the cord... and replacing it with piracy.

Despite the possibility that I may have engaged in youthful piracy myself, my blip on the radar is nothing like huge mobs of adults that are depriving content creators of their income to create more content and this concerns me. I often wonder if shows like Firefly or Stargate were cancelled due to the higher likelihood of piracy.

Comment Blame the testers, not the recipients of feedback! (Score 5, Interesting) 355

Typical post-Gates Microsoft, blame the testers rather than the recipients of the feedback. I have a feeling they're ignoring all the valid feedback as it doesn't fit their narrative and justify what they're paying their developers.

"With Windows 8 we hear your negative feedback but we don't care for it since we know what's better for you and you're going to like it. Or not use it. It's your choice."

As someone who's been beta testing and feedbacking Microsoft products since they had beta tests, I threw in the towel with Windows 8 because they ignored the feedback concerning actual bugs and typographical errors.

Screw you Microsoft, you should have listened when people cared more than you claim to.

Comment Re:merci (Score 1) 468

I'm guessing you have a specific hate-on for military people as I haven't seen anyone complain when people who are not members of the armed forces are credited for acting heroically while their jobs are referenced. Do you get upset when your fellow countrymen beat their chests about a pipe fitter that saves the lives of others?

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