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Comment Re:I don't think so. (Score 2) 308

If the current direction continues, there will never be an Internet toaster. The bulk of consumer IoT devices lack the I in IoT. A device is not port of the Internet if it does not have an IP address. Until I can ping my toaster from across the planet, we do not have an IoT. We have an ioT, small "i" that is routed through a bunch of half-baked proprietary layers and protocols that is only then tunneled through the Internet to a proprietary cloud application. (Real) IoT, fusion and (real) AI have been just a few years away and will be for a long time to come.

Comment Re:What a fucking waste of time! (Score 1) 79

Like VS, hate VS; be a MS fan boy or a MS hatter, but please VS is not a lightweight editor as the blurb says. VS has many nice features, VS has some dumb features. but those feature do not make it light weight editor. Please someone rewrite the blurb to bring some sanity to the term lightweight.

Comment Re:Moahr Doom and Gloom Hyperbole! (Score 1) 1109

Strictly speaking this is not a treaty. It is a non-binding accord and legally little more than than a Presidential proclamation declaring national broccoli day with a pledge that all American's must eat their broccoli. Yes, we have had years of Gingrich inspired gridlock with republican refusing to come to the table to participate. Too many leaders have had the single minded goal of party over everything else. That has indeed driven presidents to fill in the void left by congress abdicating their responsibility. If you are not happy with President Obama's actions blame the republicans for hiding in their offices and not participating - they could have had a say. I would never hire a chef who hates food and cooking, why do republicans keep electing people who hate government, governing and the art of compromise?

Comment Re:But voter ID is raaaacist!!!! (Score 1) 105

Please cite one case, by name and location, where a non-citizen has been convicted of voting in a US election. Please cite a specific election where so many non-citizens have been convicted of voting that it could have conceivable changed the outcome in that election. Let me cite you substantial analysis that requiring ID keeps many citizens from voting

Brennen Center, Washington Post, Atlantic, Mother Jones, UCSD, UW, Cornell, Cambridge. There is a mix a academic original research and easily accessible, but thoughtful articles in that list.

Comment Re:Expect ISPs to take it to court (Score 1) 145

Hopefully, someone who actually knows the law will post, but... One big point of contention between the FCC and phone/cable ISPs is whether they are common carriers. If they are common carriers then the FCC has explicit, full and detailed regulatory authority. The Obama FCC declared them common carriers and subject to full regulation. As trump's FCC is pushing to roll them out of common carrier status they no longer have the "protection" of federal control. The details are in the "source code" (laws), but they may just have been sliced by their own double edged sword.

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