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Comment Re:Those Dirty Tleilaxu... (Score 1) 409

For some vegans, it has little to do with the treatment of animals, and everything to do with health benefits. Eggs and dairy, and even lab-grown meat are still from animals, along with the negative health impact that it implies.

For the record, I am not vegan -- I love bacon, pizza, and hamburgers too much. However, eating less animal products so that I can live longer seems like a good idea.

Comment My problem with AMD (Score 0) 136

Can you buy it? AMD arguably made "ok" CPUs (talking within past 2-3 years), and even some mildly interesting ones. But could you buy them anywhere? Oh, you might find something on eBay from the Russian Federation or something like that, but it would just be a part, then you have to find a mainboard, etc.. Several major distributors have stepped up on the stage with AMD.... the question is: Will they deliver? Or will this be a case of "one or two" non-configurable options up against a plethora of offerings from Intel.

AMD needs to learn. It's hard work. And you can't rest. Last time AMD put a dent into Intel (taking about 17% of the server market in a quarter), AMD chose to celebrate and relax for the next XXX years. And Intel, excuse the pun, came in and cleaned their clock, tick tock.

Looks awesome, but if I can't buy it, worthless. And AMD, be prepared, Intel doesn't sleep (for long) and I don't think they'll even give you 5% of the market this time.

Hope they succeed, but AMD hasn't proven that they can sustain...

Comment The problem (Score 1) 273

The problem I see is that we like to place the blame at the feet of somebody else. Maybe folks need some encouragement?
  • Do you dive a vehicle (rarely) and it NEVER averages below 50MPG on a tank of gas (or maybe it's all electric?)
  • Do you keep your smart phone for more than 5 years to avoid the costs to the environment?
  • Do you keep your air conditioning on only as needed and only to keep temperatures "acceptable" and not pleasant?
  • Do you avoid disposable plastics and recycle all that you do use?
  • Have you given up computer gaming altogether? (sorry, but that's a lot of heat and power and hard to recycle parts)
  • ... and gazillion more things that MATTER much, but people simply will not do...

Comment Re:Star Trek fan but... (Score 1) 243

Realistically, I'm going to pirate at least the first episodes.

I subscribed to HBO Go basically just for Game of Thrones, though their catalog is far, FAR more appealing than CBS's.

3-4 episodes a month for $6 comes down to a buck or two an episode. That seems worthwhile, right?

Comment Re:I'll reserve judgement, but... (Score 1) 243

I'm on the fence about Discovery--I hope it's good, but I'm afraid it will be more trash.

I am scared about the "diversity" factor as well, but with a major caveat. Star Trek has ALWAYS had a great deal of diversity (a black woman, a Russian, and a Japanese guy on the bridge crew in the 60s; female captain, black captain, etc.). Diversity alone should not scare any Trek fan. What does make me nervous are some of the quotes in the media about how they are approaching diversity. IMHO Trek's diversity has historically been so effective because it wasn't even commented on. Nobody made a big deal out of Uhura or Chekov or Sulu. Nobody make a big deal about Sisko or Janeway. It all just was. If STD continues that tradition, then bully on it.

Comment Re:As a lifelong Star Trek fan (Score 1) 243

Yeah, in a post BSG world, Star Trek is going to look pretty hokey if they don't really have their writing game in order

Called it--from now on the appearance of angels in the finale and imaginary spirit advisors are to be the hallmarks of good writing. Anything else will be considered just hokey.

(In all serious, I love Star Trek, Ron Moore, and 99% of BSG)

Comment Re:Because 64-bit WinOS doesn't support 16-bit app (Score 1) 367

Since you seem to have some clue about this.....

It seems to me that every x86-64 CPU also has virtualization. Do you think that it might be possible to use virtualization "under the hood" to get 16-bits to run without having to install a 2nd OS? In other words: use virtualization without the user knowing or caring that virtualization is even being used.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 258

The value of cryptocurrency comes from the network effect. Sure you can take the Bitcoin code, and create a new blockchain, and change the name, but if nobody wants to use your coin, it's not worth anything. In order to gain value over existing coins it must offer some new distinguishing features that people actually care about.

These "cryptocurrencies" are very open to manipulation, for a few of course. So similar to starting a new MLM, if you can "pay your way in" (make it perceived as having potential real value) so to speak, it could be very profitable for those few with more control. If done correctly you could effectively tank the established player pretty quickly. Word to the wise, realize your actual worth (don't invest $100,000 and strive to walk out with billions... go for the lower risk) and get out before someone else drives your currency into the ground. If your life is all about money, could be good way to get really rich and avoid a lot of jail time too.

Comment Re:Dune (Score 2) 437

Extremely minor nit, but Chapterhouse: Dune was the sixth book in the Dune series, and it didn't _quite_ finish off the series.

I've read Dune multiple times, and I read the original Dune books 2-6 once, many years ago. I don't remember a lot, but I didn't like them very much.

Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson took things in all different directions with prequels, sequels, and whatever you call a book that comes between two sequential and previously published books in a series. They're entertaining--at least the few I read--but they're kind of like trashy pulp function compared to the classic Dune. Totally agree with you that the difference in writing ability is striking. I wouldn't bother with them.

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