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Comment Re:Can he win? (Score 4, Insightful) 395

No, you got crumbs, and even that was an unintentional byproduct. The rich got a hell of a lot more benefit out of Bush's policies than you did. Look at what happened to the debt under Bush. The only POTUS who did a worse job was Reagan with his bullshit trickle-down economic policy. Unfortunately, the repubs took that as gospel and we've had 30 years of it. As a consequence this country is a withered husk of what it used to be.

Comment Re:I WISH he was a candidate (Score 1) 395

The problem is voting third party is the same as voting repub these days. If Nader had dropped out in 2000, the first decade of this century would have been a lot different and things would have been better for everyone. Nader split the Dem vote, which allowed Bush to steal FL and therefore that election.

Comment Re:He's also an interesting candidate for this (Score 0, Flamebait) 395

I think a socialist is exactly what this country needs. Hell, I'd settle for a moderate-left candidate (by the rest of the world's standards, not the USA's). If all we have on offer is right wing (conventional dem) and scary, extreme fascist right wing (repub/teagagger party) there isn't really anything to move the country forward.

Comment Re:AT&T Autopay - Ha! (Score 3, Informative) 234

Who ran congress during the Clinton administration? The Repubs, of course. Last I checked, Congress introduces legislation, not the president. Had Clinton vetoed the Glass-Stegal repeal, congress would have just done an override on the veto. That's also the reason we got stuck with NAFTA.

Comment Re: Do not (Score 1) 133

Why is there no such thing during the middle ages? Because to a degree, people were generally happy, had what they needed and were left to their own devices instead of being at the mercy of a control freak.

Citation needed. Big time.

Sure, people must have been happy under the whole feudal serfdom/slavery system. I mean, it was great if you were a noble or king but it sucked big time for everyone else. Existing (you could hardly call it living) in squalor, ignorance, and poor health in a vermin-infested hovel with no opportunity for a better life is what we should all strive for.

Comment Re: Meaningless drivel (Score 0) 100

Even exempting food is a bad idea. (Better to increase benefits etc to compensate the poor.)

The problem is, this country is full of politicians (nearly all right-wingers) with hearts as cold as the intergalactic void. They never do anything to make life easier for regular people. Those assholes would starve the poor just so they give the rich another tax break.

I wish I could move.

Comment Re:Corrupted backups can be rescued (Score 1) 181

Not always. I'm not sure if the Cryptowall authors are just incompetent, but it sometimes leaves the shadow copies intact. A user at work was hit with Cryptowall last year. There were no backups at that time, but I managed to recover nearly everything from shadow copy. Oddly, the malware also jumped to one of the shares, but left most of them untouched.

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