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Comment Re:Wrinkle (Score 1) 295

Meh - to each their own. The first three (Ender's Game, Xenocide and Speaker for the Dead) were entirely readable and even enjoyable. I personally thought Ender's Game was the most entertaining (the implication that any of them were cerebral is laughable) but could happily entertain the idea that other people might have enjoyed either of the other two just as much. The remaining ten books (with the exception of a couple of the short stories) I personally thought had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but hey - that's what makes subjective opinions so much fun, hey? I should probably throw them at my daughter to read so that I can work out whether I've just got terrible taste in books :)

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 2) 369

But new consoles (typically) have incompatible architectures which is much the same thing as incompatible game formats, just a little less visible right. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out in the future given that new consoles seem to have adopted a pretty standard x86 architecture.

Comment Re:So? The games suck anyway (Score 1) 221

Not sure why I got modded Troll (well actually I know very well why and it kind of makes me sad) - I did actually go to the effort of installing YDL on the PS3 because I thought the idea was neat (surely that already pushes me into the vast minority), but came to the conclusion that it was effectively useless (it makes a raspberry pi look like a high end machine), even for decoding video (perhaps things matured later on in the PS3/Linux life cycle??). Using it as a 3D rendering node is a neat idea and one of few legit use cases (did it actually provide any real grunt?) I'd be interested to know what development work you were doing on the PS3 (were you writing code to target the ps3's weird cell architecture? Didn't think there was much call for that beyond ps3 development and you sure as hell wouldn't be doing that via other OS).

I suppose I just figured that those with a legit use case (e.g. universities doing research into cluster computing), probably wouldn't be playing games on their systems and thus wouldn't feel compelled to update their firmware.

I've really enjoyed all the car analogies in this thread, but for me it's not like that - it's much more like Jersey Shore being cancelled halfway through a season ... sure they promised me something and then took it away - but really, I don't give a flying fuck.

Comment Re:So? The games suck anyway (Score 0, Troll) 221

Did you ever use the other os feature? I did. Or at least I gave it a shot. It was awful and worse than useless. It sucks that it was stolen from us, but really - nothing of value was lost. Complaining about it is nothing but mindless point scoring against the evil corporation that is Sony, only the vast minority ever used it legitimately and those using it weren't forced to install the psn update. Other OS was nothing but a gimmick (or perhaps a cunning ploy to evade some tariffs). Complaining only shows that you have a preconceived axe to grind.

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