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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

Germany never surrendered to Greece. They surrendered to the Allies. That's what Greece won't accept. IF Greece wants repatriation, they should look towards those Western, Central and Eastern countries that happily switched sides when they realised the Axis powers couldn't win.

Comment Stupid (Score 1) 17

So fucking stupid, pointless and dumb movies with bad scripts, blue filters and moronic, plagiaristic morals being a total waste of resources, time, effort and the rest of the shit I can't think of at the moment. That sub-genre is dead and they're still pushing it. Fuck off.

Comment Original Dune (Score 1) 234

I read the original Dune book quite fast as soon as I discovered that reading every 2nd chapter (the sci-fi parts) were a lot more interesting than the arab based filler.
I never really paid that much attention to it until I saw the movie many years later.

Comment Re:is anyone using it? (Score 1) 147

Yeah. If your ISP's DNS server is in a country that is monitoring requests, then:
A: Your ISP can see what you are viewing
B: They would be bound by law to hand over the logs.
By going out of the geopolitical boundary (that's if you can) for DNS, then it's 1 chink in your armour.

Comment Velcro? (Score 1) 18

My memory of Apollo 1 was that the fire had to do with teflon and not velcro. Am I mistaken?

FTA "In spite of how it burned in the Apollo 1 fire, velcro isn’t a significant fire hazard. The space shuttle kept its cabin pressurized to an Earth-normal 14.7 psia with a mix of about 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen, and under those conditions velcro is not flammable"

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